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With their unusual shapes and colors, heirloom melons are a sweet change from the ordinary. And early-harvest varieties make growing them possible in most every garden zone. Wait for soil to warm (70 degrees) before setting out plants and don’t over water. Encourage growth and fruiting with mulch, cloches or black plastic.

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  • Melon, Afghan Honeydew

    Afghan Honeydew

    Grown in the high mountain valleys north of Kabul, Afghanistan …

  • Melon, Amish (Organic) 1

    Amish (Organic)

    A popular variety from the Amish community. Sweet orange flesh is very juicy!

  • Melon, Banana


    This is one of our all-time favorites, being very fragrant, sweet and rich tasting.

  • Melon, Charentais 1


    A true French cantaloupe that originated in the Poitou-Charentes region …

  • Melon, Early Hanover 1

    Early Hanover

    Very popular. Sweet and sugary flavored flesh can be eaten right down to the rind.

  • Melon, Early Hanover (Baker Creek)

    Early Hanover (Baker Creek)

    Perfect for home garden or market stand and is bursting with flavor. High yields.

  • Melon, Early Silver Line

    Early Silverline

    This 1 to 2 lb. Korean variety was first introduced by Burpee’s and is one of the best.

  • Melon, Eden's Gem (Organic) 1

    Eden’s Gem (Organic)

    Complex spicy flavor with softball-sized fruits that weigh in at about 1 pound.

  • Melon, Emerald Gem (Organic) 1

    Emerald Gem (Organic)

    Pale orange flesh is juicy, sweet and somewhat spicy in flavor. Heavy producer.

  • Melon, Golden Crispy 1

    Golden Crispy

    Incredibly sweet, uniquely aromatic flesh is found within smooth golden skin.

  • Melon, Kiwano Jelly 1

    Kiwano Jelly

    Native to Africa, this unusual fruit has spiny “horns” and green-yellow skin.

  • Metki Serpent Melon

    Metki Dark Green Serpent

    Narrow, dark green muskmelons are crispy and sweet with smooth skin.

  • Melon, Minnesota Midget

    Minnesota Midget

    Small fruits grow on compact, 3 to 4-foot vines. Produces high quality yields.

  • Melon, Tam Dew

    Tam Dew

    Beautiful, ivory-green fruit with sweet flesh and a classic honeydew flavor!

  • Melon, Tigger 1


    Simply beautiful with a sweet intoxicating aroma that will fill an entire room.

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