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Fruits & Berries

Growing these unique, rewarding berries — sunberries, huckleberries, yellow strawberries and others — is easier than you think. Likewise, unusual houseplants — flowering pomegranate, dwarf coffee beans – will give you years of satisfaction.

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  • Garden Berry, Dwarf Coffee Plant 1

    Dwarf Coffee Plant

    Grow your own coffee beans with this tropical houseplant! The Dwarf Coffee Plant (Coffea arabica nana) grows up to 4-feet ...

  • Gooseberry, Giant Cape 1

    Gooseberry, Giant Cape

    Native to Brazil, the cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana) was grown in England by 1774 and cultivated by settlers at the ...

  • Huckleberry (Baker Creek) 1

    Huckleberry (Baker Creek)

    Originating in Africa, Huckleberries (Solanum melanocerasum) are terrific in pies and other baked goods. Strong plants are grown like peppers ...

  • Huckleberry (Organic) 1

    Huckleberry (Organic)

    Upright 3-4' branched huckleberry plants produce hundreds of 3/4" metallic purple-black berries in clusters. Best when picked after berries turn ...

  • Garden Berry, Orange Master Pomegranate 1

    Orange Master Pomegranate

    Perfect for containers, this extra-dwarf pomegranate is early-flowering and good for bonsai. Small, ornamental fruits can tolerate light frosts, but ...

  • Sunberry (Organic) 1

    Sunberry (Organic)

    Apparently bred by Luther Burbank in the early 1900s; distributed by John Lewis Childs as Wonderberry. Great controversy ensued over ...

  • Garden Berry, Wonderberry 1


    Developed by Luther Burbank, the Wonderberry has tasty, small blue-purple …

  • Garden Berry, Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry 1

    Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry

    Small yellow strawberries are very tasty and unique looking. A favorite in Europe…