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Cool, refreshing heirloom cucumbers come in a variety of shapes and colors. Easy to grow with abundant yield, they're great pickled (harvest young for sweet pickles, larger for dills) or eaten fresh. Sow directly into the garden leaving plenty of space for trailing vines.

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  • Cucumber, A & C Pickling

    A & C Pickling (Organic)

    Introduced in 1928 by Abbott & Cobb of Philadelphia, PA. Extremely productive!

    $3.00 $2.00
  • Cucumber, Boothby's Blonde

    Boothby’s Blonde

    Heavy yields of 6- to 8-inch, cream colored cukes are mild, sweet and thin skinned.

    $2.50 $1.50
  • Cucumber, Boston Pickling 1

    Boston Pickling

    Vigorous vines produce large yields of smooth fruit. It’s excellent for pickles!

    $1.75 $1.25
  • Cucumber, Chinese Yellow

    Chinese Yellow

    Our largest yielding variety — just a few plants produced hundreds of fruit!

    $2.50 $1.50
  • Cucumber, De Bourbonne

    De Bourbonne

    High yielding, sturdy vines will be popular with all those who preserve food.

    $2.00 $1.25
  • Cucumber, Delikatesse


    Large, nubby fruits are pale green in color and perfect for slicing. Very tasty!

    $2.00 $1.25
  • Cucumber, Double Yield

    Double Yield (Organic)

    Introduced in 1924 by Joseph Harris & Co. of Coldwater, New York. Very productive!

    $3.00 $2.00
  • Cucumber, Dragon's Egg

    Dragon’s Egg

    Fun to grow and very unique looking. This type is a favorite with kids!

    $2.75 $1.75
  • Cucumber, Edmonson

    Edmonson (Organic)

    Introduced to SSE in 1982 by Clarice Cooper of Kansas and her late husband Auburn.

    $3.00 $2.00
  • Cucumber, True Lemon

    Lemon (Organic)

    Used primarily for pickling, slicing and in salads. Rust and drought resistant.

    $3.00 $2.00
  • Cucumber, Marketmore 76

    Marketmore 76

    A superb eating variety that produces abundant yields of 8 to 9 inch fruit.

    $2.50 $1.50
  • Cucumber, Miniature White 1

    Miniature White

    These white-skinned, black-spined pickling cukes are great for container gardens.

    $2.25 $1.40
  • Cucumber, Old Time White 1

    Old Time White

    Grown for over 50 years by Mrs. Ruby Wallace of Dallas, North Carolina.

  • Cucumber, Poona Kheera

    Poona Kheera (Organic)

    Smooth-skinned fruits turn from white to golden-yellow to russet brown when mature.

    $3.00 $2.00
  • Cucumber, Sikkim


    Grown in the Himalayas, these large fruits can reach several pounds in size.

    $3.50 $2.00
  • Cucumber, Telegraph Improved

    Telegraph Improved

    Contains very few seeds and is crisp, tender and mild with superb flavor.

    $2.75 $1.75