Heirloom carrots aren't always orange! Sow in loose or sandy soil and keep moist to get perfect roots. Protect from hot, direct sun. Use in soups, stews or enjoy raw — they're packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

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  • Carrot, Amarillo 1


    Lovely lemon-yellow roots have sweet, bright colored flesh. Amarillo Carrots are good for a summer to fall crop with large ...

  • Carrot, Chantenay Red Core 1

    Chantenay Red Core

    A good market variety heirloom that is smooth and refined in shape. One of the sweetest, this variety was introduced ...

  • Carrot, Cosmic Purple 1

    Cosmic Purple

    Spicy and sweet -- perfect for farmers' markets! Cosmic Purple Carrots have bright purple skin and flesh that comes in ...

  • Carrot, Danvers (Organic) 1

    Danvers (Organic)

    High yields in clay or heavy soils. Uniform 6 to 8 inch long by 2 to 2-1/2 inch wide carrots. ...

  • Carrot, Dragon 1


    The beautiful reddish-purple exterior provides an amazing contrast with the …

  • Carrot, Kuroda 1


    Ideal for home or market. The Kuroda has deep orange, stubby roots that are mild …

  • Carrot, Little Finger 1

    Little Finger

    Developed in France for canning and pickling, this superb baby-type has …

  • Carrot, Muscade 1


    A delicious North African variety that produces blocky, 7-inch orange roots.

  • Carrot, Paris Market 1

    Paris Market

    A nineteenth-century French variety that does well in shallow or rocky soil.

  • Carrot, Scarlet Nantes (Organic) 1

    Scarlet Nantes (Organic)

    Cylindrical roots are 7" by 1-1/2". Bright red-orange flesh, fine grained, nearly core less, fine flavor, sweet and brittle. Nice ...

  • Carrot, St

    St. Valery

    A large (10 to 12-inch long) variety with bright red-orange roots that are sweet …

  • Carrot, Tonda Di Parigi 1

    Tonda Di Parigi

    A popular market garden variety that is deep orange in color with excellent flavor.