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Red or green, the crisp leaves of cabbage are a delight in slaws, salads, soups, or stir fried. Start indoors and transplant in the garden ahead of last frost for late summer harvest. Likes long cool seasons.

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  • Cabbage, Brunswick 1


    An excellent market variety that stores well and is very cold hardy.

  • Cabbage, Cour Di Bue  1

    Cour Di Bue

    Tender, oxheart-type cabbage heads that are very good for home use or specialty markets. We offer quality Italian seed for ...

  • Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield

    Early Jersey Wakefield

    Introduced in the 1840s, with tasty 2 pound sweet and flavorful conical heads.

  • Cabbage, Glory of Enkhuizen 1

    Glory of Enkhuizen

    An early, excellent-keeping variety that is a good producer and great for sauerkraut.

  • Cabbage, Mammoth Red Rock 1

    Mammoth Red Rock

    Introduced in 1889. Solid round heads are 8-inch in diameter and weigh 7 lbs.

  • Cabbage, Mammoth Red Rock

    Mammoth Red Rock (Baker Creek)

    A large variety from 1889 with deep red heads that have good flavor and color.

  • Cabbage, Nero Di Toscana 1

    Nero Di Toscana

    Popular in Tuscany and central Italy for making fabulous soups and stews.

  • Tete Noire Cabbage

    Tete Noire

    A traditional French Tete Noire variety that is very rare outside of Europe.