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A garden and kitchen staple, unique heirloom beans — bush, pole or shell — are one of summer's fresh-flavored treats. Easy to grow. Try several varieties to find your favorite.

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  • Bean, Arikara Yellow 1

    Arikara Yellow

    A living piece of the Old West! Introduced by Oscar Will in about 1915, this productive dry bean was originally ...

  • Bean, Black Valentine 1

    Black Valentine

    Introduced in 1897 by Peter Henderson & Company. Shiny black seeds in 6" pods. A great dual purpose variety, use ...

  • Bean, Blue Lake Bush 274 1

    Blue Lake Bush 274

    A garden favorite for over 40 years! Blue Lake Bush Beans produce heavy yields of flavorful, dark-green pods that are ...

  • Bean, Bountiful 1


    In 1898 Abel Steele of Ferguson, Ontario won a $25.00 prize for naming this new variety from Peter Henderson & ...

  • Fava Bean, Broad Windsor 1

    Broad Windsor

    An old English favorite! Broad Windsor yields gourmet, high-protein fava …

  • Bean, Calima Bush 1

    Calima Bush

    Beautiful pods of dark green color, slim straight shape, and superior flavor!

  • Bean, Chinese Red Noodle 1

    Chinese Red Noodle

    This incredible heirloom will draw lots of attention in your home garden or at market.

  • Bean, Contender 1


    Introduced in 1949, Contender (Buff) is a superb bush variety with huge yields on …

  • Lima Bean, Dixie Speckled Butterpea 1

    Dixie Speckled Butterpea

    Very productive, red-speckled with a deep purple color. Bush plants grow well in …

  • Bean, Dragon's Tongue 1

    Dragon’s Tongue

    Large 6-8″ cream-colored pods with vivid purple stripes that disappear when …

  • Bean, Empress 1


    Introduced by Gurney’s Seed Company as Experimental 121, it was re-named …

  • Bean, French Garden 1

    French Garden

    This excellent garden variety provides high yields atop compact bush plants.

  • Bean, Golden Wax 1

    Golden Wax

    An old time favorite! Delicious, golden-yellow pods are stringless and of good …

  • Bean, Henderson's Black Valentine 1

    Henderson’s Black Valentine

    Introduced in 1897 by Peter Henderson and Company, this excellent snap variety …

  • Lima Bean, Henderson's Bush 1

    Henderson’s Bush

    In 1888 Henderson offered $100 cash for plants bearing the most pods and …

  • Bean, Hidatsa Red Indian 1

    Hidatsa Red Indian

    A hardy variety that comes from the Hidatsa people of the upper Missouri River …

  • Bean, Ideal Market (Organic) 1

    Ideal Market (Organic)

    Introduced to the seed trade in 1914 as Black Creaseback by Van Antwerp's Seed Store of Mobile, Alabama. Reintroduced in ...

  • Lima Bean, Jackson Wonder Bush 1

    Jackson Wonder Bush

    Introduced in 1888 by David Landreth and Sons. Jackson Wonder Bush produces heavy yields of small to medium-sized, tan and ...

  • Bean, Jacob's Cattle

    Jacob’s Cattle

    Introduced in 1897 by Peter Henderson and Company, this excellent variety …

  • Garbanzo Bean, Kabouli Black 1

    Kabouli Black

    Perfect for making hummus and other Middle Eastern dishes. This unique heirloom variety was collected in Kabul, Afghanistan. The 2-foot ...

  • Bean, McCaslan Pole 1

    McCaslan Pole

    Dark-green pods are stringless and full of flavor -- very productive. This hardy variety was selected by the Corneli Seed ...

  • Bean, Missouri Wonder 1

    Missouri Wonder

    Introduced in the early 1930′s, this pole variety was grown in corn fields, as corn …

  • Bean, Painted Pony (Organic) 1

    Painted Pony (Organic)

    The dual purpose Painted Pony has long thin pods that are stringless and good …

  • Bean, Provider (Organic) 1

    Provider (Organic)

    These compact plants are heavy croppers and disease resistant. Round pods are …

  • Bean, Purple Podded Pole (Organic) 1

    Purple Podded Pole (Organic)

    This European variety was discovered by Henry Fields in an Ozark garden …

  • Bean, Roma II 1

    Roma II

    An improved Romano that yields large amounts of 6 to 7-inch pods. Very flavorful.

  • Bean, Scarlet Runner 1

    Scarlet Runner

    One of the oldest runner types now in existence. First described in 1750 and …

  • Bean, Snow Cap 1

    Snow Cap

    Mild, earthy flavor complements the silky smooth texture. Half-runner.

  • Long Bean, Thai White Seeded 1

    Thai White Seeded

    You will enjoy this great variety! Smooth, light-green, 25-inch long pods …

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