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Delicious basils, delightfully-scented lavenders, exotic and flavorful spices… heirloom herbs are uniquely flavorful and aromatic additions to any garden. These varieties, with their enlivening scents and flavors, have passed through kitchens and tea rooms for generations. Many have traditional medicinal applications. And they’re easy to grow… try raising them indoors!

All the garden seed offered by Planet Natural is non-treated, non-GMO and NOT purchased from Monsanto-owned Seminis. Planting instructions are included with each packet.

Heirloom Seed Packs are Shipped FREE!

  • Basil, Genovese (Organic) 1

    Basil, Genovese (Organic)

    A best seller! Genovese Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is prized for its spicy flavor and wonderful aroma. This classic, large-leaf Italian variety grows ...

  • Cilantro 1


    Also referred to as Chinese Parsley, fresh cilantro is a staple in Mexican cuisine.

  • Anise 1


    Leaves and seeds taste like licorice! Anise (Pimpinella anisum) is easy to grow and similar to dill in habit. Feathery, ...

  • Basil, Cinnamon 1

    Basil, Cinnamon

    Cinnamon-scented attractive 24" basil plants have purple-red stalks, pinkish flowers and glossy dark green leaves. Sweet spicy flavor is great ...

  • Emily Basil

    Basil, Emily

    A compact version of the popular Genovese type. Excellent flavor!

  • Lemon Basil

    Basil, Lemon

    Compact plants grow well in containers and make uniquely flavorful and aromatic …

  • Basil, Lime

    Basil, Lime

    A unique lime basil from Thailand. A popular variety for fresh market!

  • Basil, Purple Dark Opal 1

    Basil, Purple Dark Opal

    (Annual) Most likely the same basil Vilmorin referred to in 1885 as Large Purple Sweet Basil. Beautiful lilac flowers with dark ...

  • Basil, Siam Queen Thai

    Basil, Siam Queen Thai

    A must have for curry and Thai dishes! Siam Queen is strongly scented with …

  • Basil, Thai 1

    Basil, Thai

    Attractive Thai basil plants are 12 to 18″ tall with medium-green leaves.

  • Borage Flower


    Attractive to honeybees! Borage (Borago officinalis) leaves and flowers have a mild cucumber-like flavor and are often used to add color to ...

  • Caraway Herb Seed


    Prized for flavoring many dishes, from deserts to soup, Caraway is also medicinal.

  • Catnip (Organic) 1

    Catnip (Organic)

    Catnip has a euphoric effect for cats and is a mild sedative for humans.

  • Chamomile, German (Organic) 1

    Chamomile, German (Organic)

    Chamomile is known for its euphoric effect on cats but is a mild sedative for …

  • Chervil


    Small white flowers atop 15 to 20 inch stems. Also known as French parsley.

  • Chives

    Chives (Baker Creek)

    Bright green leaves and attractive purple flowers make this cool-season, compact …

  • Chives (Organic) 1

    Chives (Organic)

    (Allium schoenoprasum) Great ornamental plant for fresh eating or cooking …

  • Cilantro Herb

    Cilantro (Baker Creek)

    Popular in Mexican cuisine, Cilantro is a must for fresh salsa and chili recipes.

  • Cumin 1


    Native to Egypt. Low-growing cumin plants seldom exceed 6 inches in height.

  • Cumin Seeds

    Cumin (Baker Creek)

    Popular in Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes and one of the main ingredients in …

  • Dill Herb, Bouquet

    Dill, Bouquet

    Perfect in pickles and used to flavor many foods, including salmon, soups and omelets.

  • Dill, Bouquet (Organic) 1

    Dill, Bouquet (Organic)

    The most widely grown dill. Early maturing plants have an intoxicating aroma.

  • Fennel (Baker Creek) 1

    Fennel (Baker Creek)

    Flavorful and aromatic, fennel grows up to 3 feet tall and is often used in Italian …

  • Fennel, Florence 1

    Fennel, Florence

    Celery-like stalks have a mild licorice flavor and require a steady supply of water.

  • Hyssop 1


    Hyssop plants grow up to 2' tall and attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

  • Lavender, English 1


    English lavender is valued for the aromatic fragrance and essential oils it produces.

  • Lemon Balm 1

    Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm is often used for making teas and is said to have a calming effect.

  • Lemon Mint 1

    Lemon Mint

    Also known as bee balm, Lemon Mint was used by Native Americans to brew a tea …

  • Lemongrass


    Ornamental grass-like stalks grow to 4-feet tall and look nice in borders or next to …

  • Lovage 1


    Popular during the Middle Ages when lovage was grown in most kitchen gardens.

  • Lovage Herb

    Lovage (Baker Creek)

    Dark green shoots with a big, bold flavor! Lovage (Levisticum officinale) tastes like celery, but stronger. Adds a crisp, spicy ...

  • Oregano, Greek (Organic) 1

    Oregano, Greek (Organic)

    Delicious, pungent flavor, claimed to be better and sharper than true oregano.

  • Parsley, Giant of Italy

    Parsley (Baker Creek)

    A very large Italian strain with great flavor that's perfect for sauces.

  • Parsley, Giant from Italy 1

    Parsley, Giant from Italy

    Prized by Italian cooks for its strong flavor. Giant from Italy yields a continuous …

  • Parsley, Triple Curled 1

    Parsley, Triple Curled

    Closely curled dark-green leaves are high in vitamins and minerals. A favorite!

  • Rosemary 1


    An attractive evergreen shrub with grey-green leaves. Rosemary has a spicy flavor …

  • Sage, Green Culinary (Organic) 1

    Sage, Green Culinary (Organic)

    A classic culinary herb, Sage (Salvia officinalis) is highly aromatic and works well for flavoring meat, cheese and bean dishes. Attractive ...

  • Perilla Purple Zi Su (Shiso)


    A beautiful and delicious plant that is very popular in Asia. Bright purple-red leaves …

  • Spearmint Herb


    Compact plants are known for their refreshing flavor and aromatic, dark green leaves.

  • St

    St. John’s Wort

    A highly esteemed medicinal plant used since ancient times. St. John’s Wort is widely …

  • Stevia 1


    Nature's sweet secret. Used in Japan since the 1970s when the safety of artificial sweeteners came into question. Stevia extracts ...

  • Sweet Mace 1

    Sweet Mace

    Sweet Mace has beautiful glossy leaves with small anise-scented orange flowers.

  • Sweet Marjoram (Organic) 1

    Sweet Marjoram (Organic)

    Similar to oregano, but sweeter. Marjoram leaves are highly esteemed for seasoning.

  • Thyme Herb

    Thyme (Baker Creek)

    A very aromatic french thyme that is especially good with many dishes.

  • Thyme (Organic) 1

    Thyme (Organic)

    Used to season meats and vegetables, thyme grows up to  2-feet tall and is is one of the most …

  • Wormwood 1


    Attractive plants with fine grey-green foliage and numerous yellow flowers.

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