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Large, brightly colored blossoms that are often densely layered make zinnias a sunny summer favorite. Among the easiest flowers to grow, they can be seeded directly into the garden in warmer zones or started indoors in cooler locales. Give them some compost and they’ll continue to produce through the warmest summers. The variety of heirlooms available guarantee a colorful array of shapes and sizes in any garden.

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  • Zinnia, Benary's Giant 1

    Benary’s Giant

    A beautiful, large flowered strain from one of the oldest German seed companies.

  • Zinnia, Button Box 1

    Button Box

    A favorite! Compact plants produce colorful blooms from early summer to frost.

  • Zinnia, Envy 1


    A wonderful variety with chartreuse-green, 3-inch blooms that are very unique.

  • Zinnia, Gift (Organic) 1

    Gift (Organic)

    A brilliant red variety with 3-4″ flowers and an occasional orange blossom.

  • Zinnia, Persian Carpets 1

    Persian Carpet

    An AAS winner in 1952. Beautiful semi-double flowers with orange …

  • Zinnia, Pink Senorita 1

    Pink Senorita

    Salmon-pink flowers top all others for beauty in the garden. Large, mostly double …

  • Red Spider Zinnia 1

    Red Spider

    The Red Spider has been mentioned in botanical documents as early as 1801.

  • Zinnia, Royal Purple

    Royal Purple

    Light purple dahlia-type flowers are perfect by themselves or in mixed bouquets.