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Sweet Pea

Uniquely shaped and sweetly fragrant, sweet pea blossoms add soft, varied color to bouquets and trellised borders. These climbers don’t like hot weather – heat stops their flowering – so plant early (soaking seeds first) and mulch them well to keep roots cool. These classic annuals have been a fixture in American gardens for generations… ask your neighbors for local growing tips.

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  • Sweet Pea, America 1


    Beautiful ivory blossoms striped with crimson-red, very unique. This sweet pea was first offered in the U.S. by Morse-Vaughan in ...

  • Sweet Pea, Azureus 1


    This rarely offered heirloom produces hundreds of beautiful electric-blue blossoms.

  • Sweet Pea, Black Knight 1

    Black Knight

    A very fragrant sweet pea with dark purple, almost black, blossoms. Introduced in 1898 by Henry Eckford, a pioneer in ...

  • Sweet Pea, Blanche Ferry 1

    Blanche Ferry

    A profuse bloomer with a very nice fragrance. This beautiful rose-colored …

  • Sweet Pea, Chocolate Streamer 1

    Chocolate Streamer

    A favorite! Gorgeous, chocolate-speckled blossoms are extremely fragrant.

  • Sweet Pea, Grandiflora Mixture 1

    Grandiflora Mixture

    Mixture of 25 different colors with some bi-color and striped varieties. Strongly scented old varieties that were introduced before 1907. ...

  • Sweet Pea Mix (Spencer Choice) 1

    Mix (Spencer Choice)

    Large, heavily ruffled flowers are perfect for cutting. This beautiful mix includes …

  • Sweet Pea, Painted Lady 1

    Painted Lady

    Discovered growing in a planting of Cupani Original in the 1730s. This was the first bi-color sweet pea available to ...