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Morning Glory

A true old-fashioned beauty, morning glory’s large, trumpet-shaped flowers come in a variety of wonderful soft colors. Birds and bees love their fragrant blossoms! Give these annuals support and they’ll grow several feet tall. Wonderful when grown in containers set against a trellis. Dwarf varieties, with their multi-colored blossoms, are especially unique!

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  • Morning Glory, Clark's Heavenly Blue 1

    Clark’s Heavenly Blue

    Lovely, 4-inch pale-blue flowers; this heirloom Morning Glory dates to the 1920's. Produces long 12-foot vines and blooms the full ...

  • Ensign Mixture (Dwarf Morning Glory) 1

    Ensign Mixture (Dwarf)

    (Convolvulus tricolor) Beautiful free-flowering mixture, the Ensign Flower has remarkably showy blossoms that are open all day. These extremely handsome ...

  • Morning Glory, Grandpa Ott's 1

    Grandpa Ott

    An original Bavarian variety. The flower is deep-purple and has a red star in …

  • Morning Glory, Rose Feather 1

    Rose Feather

    Very unique and hard to find. Vines have feathery foliage and stunning pink …