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One of the simplest – and most beautiful – annuals to grow, marigolds tolerate a wide range of soil and climate conditions but especially love heat. Sow this quick germinator directly in the garden or start indoors six weeks before last frost to guarantee a reliable splash of color – orange, yellow, gold and copper – all summer long. Great for dried blossom arrangements.

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  • Marigold, Court Jester 1

    Court Jester

    Stunning golden-yellow and burgundy striped blooms are very attractive on …

  • Marigold, Cracker Jack


    Big double blooms are profuse and come in shades of lemon yellow to deep orange.

  • Marigold, Red Marietta 1

    Red Marietta

    Beautiful 2-inch blooms provide a spectacular splash of color all summer long.

  • Starfire Signet 1

    Starfire Signet

    Masses of beautiful flowers make this low-growing plant excellent for borders.