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Additional Flowers

A flower’s beauty isn’t limited by shape, size or color. Here’s a selection of traditional favorites — asters, foxglove, phlox, and more! — and unique, one-of-a-kind flowers with names as enticing as their blossoms — sunrise serenade, love lies bleeding, rainbow loveliness. Intriguing scents, beautiful foliage, flowers for drying, blossoms to attract birds; all here.

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  • Globe Amaranth 1


    Easy to grow from seed, very productive, and attracts a multitude of butterflies.

  • Asters, Crego Mix 1


    Large, 4-inch heirloom flowers really stand out in their many brilliant colors.

  • Bells of Ireland 1

    Bells of Ireland

    Spikes of green bell-shaped calyces surround white flowers. Great for cuttings.

  • Cardinal Climber 1

    Cardinal Climber

    Offers bright-red blooms from early summer until frost — hummingbirds love it!

  • Castor Bean, Gibsonii 1

    Castor Bean

    An attractive, quick-growing ornamental plant with a tropical appearance.

  • Shungiku, Edible Chrysanthemum


    Delicious Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum leaves are great in salads and stir-fry.

  • Cockscomb, Amish


    Beautiful red flowers on compact, 12″ tall plants. Thrives in summer heat.

  • Cup and Saucer Vine 1

    Cup and Saucer

    A climbing annual with multiple tendrils that easily grasp rough surfaces like …

  • Drumstick 1


    Brilliant 1″ blooms are striking in the garden or in fresh or dried bouquets.

  • Firmament 1


    Star-shaped, powdery-blue blossoms contrast nicely with grey-green foliage.

  • Foxglove, Giant Spotted (Organic) 1

    Foxglove (Organic)

    A popular cottage garden variety from England. Great for borders and frequently …

  • Hollyhock, Outhouse (Organic) 1

    Hollyhock (Organic)

    This classic hollyhock has graced outbuildings on farmsteads for over a century.

  • Hyacinth Bean, Ruby Moon 1

    Hyacinth Bean

    Beautiful lilac-colored blossoms are held out above the foliage on long stems.

  • Kiss-Me-Over-the-Garden-Gate

    Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate

    Exotic and beautiful! Eye-catching plants are heavily laden with pendulous pink …

  • Larkspur, Apple Blossom


    Beautiful pale pink to almost white blossoms on beautiful 15-inch spikes.

  • Love-Lies-Bleeding 1

    Love Lies Bleeding

    Long red rope-like trusses give plants an ornamental and graceful appearance.

  • Lupine, Tall Russell 1


    A nice well-balanced lupine mixture with a full color range. These perennial …

  • Moonflower 1


    Frequently visited by night pollinators, moonflower has beautiful 5-6″ blossoms.

  • Night Phlox 1

    Night Phlox

    Attractive blooms open in the evening releasing their sweet, honey-like fragrance.

  • Night Scented Stock 1

    Night Scented Stock

    A sweetly fragrant mixture that includes lilac, purple, pink and white.

  • Night Tobacco (Organic) 1

    Night Tobacco (Organic)

    Trumpet-shaped white blossoms open in the evening releasing a sweet fragrance.

  • Flower, Perfect Mix (Organic) 1

    Perfect Mix (Organic)

    A “Perfect Mix” of fuchsia, white, purple, salmon, lavender, rust and bronze …

  • Color Mixture Pincushion 1


    Sweetly scented blooms attract many butterflies and hummingbirds.

  • Sensitive Plant 1

    Sensitive Plant

    Ornamental leaves of the Sensitive Plant close when touched by children (or adults).

  • Strawflower Mixture 1


    Strawflower are large papery flowers used extensively in dried arrangements.

  • Sunrise Serenade 1

    Sunrise Serenade

    The most dramatic morning glory available to home gardeners.

  • Teddy Bear (Organic) 1

    Teddy Bear (Organic)

    A favorite with children! Beautiful double 4 to 6-inch golden-yellow blooms …

  • White Cypress Vine 1

    White Cypress Vine

    The White Cypress Vine has feathery or fern-like foliage reaching a height of …

  • Yarrow, Summer Pastels 1


    Excellent for borders. Plants offer a wide color range, almost the complete …

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