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Everyone loves daisies! Easy to grow from seed and beautiful both in the garden and as cut flowers, plants are hardy, drought-resistant, and provide years of gorgeous, old-fashioned blossoms. Unique African annual varieties come in a multitude of intriguing colors.

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  • Orange Prince Daisy 1

    Orange Prince

    This African native with silver-tinged foliage offers sunny orange blooms …

  • Flower, Sky and Ice 1

    Sky and Ice

    White daisies with iridescent blue centers and dark green foliage. Annual, 12″ tall.

  • Star of the Veld 1

    Star of the Veldt

    (Ursinia anethoides) Beautiful plants from South Africa. Massive explosion of …

  • Daisy, Zulu Prince 1

    Zulu Prince

    Silver-tinged foliage is finely lobed and silky in appearance. Blooms until frost.