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No need for a pitchfork when you use a compost tumbler. Turning by spinning or cranking keeps the pile fired up by allowing more oxygen to reach the decomposing materials. Done correctly, a tumbling composter can cut months from the composting process — sometimes as little as three weeks! — giving you a quick, efficient source of nature’s perfect soil amendment.

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  • Spinning Composter - Free Shipping 1

    EZ-Tumbler (90 gal.)

    The rotating drum can also be removed and rolled to any area for easy filling …

    $299.95 $229.95
  • Back Porch Compost Tumbler 1

    Back Porch ComposTumbler

    The perfect size if you accumulate less than 2 trash bags of material …

  • Rolling Composter


    Just fill it and roll it! The spherical shape maximizes heat retention for faster …

    $219.95 $174.95
  • Compact Compost Tumbler 1

    Compact ComposTumbler

    Designed for customers that generate 2-3 trash bags of material regularly …

  • CompoSpin Composter 1


    Attractive design incorporates air induction tubes to supply necessary oxygen while …

  • Compost Wizard Jr.

    Compost Wizard Jr (67 gal.)

    The small, trim profile is easy to manage and fit into almost any sunny spot.

    $164.50 $139.95
  • Original Compost Tumbler 1


    Designed for customers that gather 5 or 6 trash bags (up to 165 gallons) …

  • Dual Compost Tumbler

    Dual Batch ComposTumbler

    Each of the two 9-bushel drums has individual access for different batches …

  • Compost Wizard

    Duel Bin (25 gal.)

    This small-batch workhorse keeps two separate bins going so the finished …

    $184.95 $139.95
  • EnviroCycle Spinning Composter


    No more messy digging through the pile, simply give the drum a couple spins …

  • SUN-MAR Garden Composter 1

    Sun-Mar 200

    The Sun-Mar 200 uses a patented double drum autoflow design to …

  • Urban Compost Tumbler (UCT-9) 1

    UCT-9 (71 gal.)

    Designed for ease of use, the UCT-9 includes a patented, central-aeration system …