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No need for a pitchfork when you use a compost tumbler. Turning by spinning or cranking keeps the pile fired up by allowing more oxygen to reach the decomposing materials. Done correctly, tumblers can cut months from the composting process — sometimes as little as three weeks! — giving you a quick, efficient source of nature’s perfect soil amendment.

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  • Spinning Composter - Free Shipping 1

    EZ Tumbler

    The rotating drum can also be removed and rolled to any area for easy filling …

    $299.95 $229.95
  • Back Porch Compost Tumbler 1

    Back Porch ComposTumbler

    The perfect size if you accumulate less than 2 trash bags of material …

  • Rolling Composter


    Just fill it and roll it! The spherical shape maximizes heat retention for faster …

  • Compact Compost Tumbler 1

    Compact ComposTumbler

    Designed for customers that generate 2-3 trash bags of material regularly …

  • CompoSpin Composter 1


    Attractive design incorporates air induction tubes to supply necessary oxygen while …

  • Compost Wizard Jr.

    Compost Wizard Jr.

    The small, trim profile is easy to manage and fit into almost any sunny spot.

    $164.50 $139.95
  • Original Compost Tumbler 1


    Designed for customers that gather 5 or 6 trash bags (up to 165 gallons) …

  • Dual Compost Tumbler

    Dual Batch ComposTumbler

    Each of the two 9-bushel drums has individual access for different batches …

  • Compost Wizard

    Dueling Tumbler

    This small-batch workhorse keeps two separate bins going so the finished …

    $184.95 $139.95
  • EnviroCycle Spinning Composter


    No more messy digging through the pile, simply give the drum a couple spins …

  • SUN-MAR Garden Composter 1

    Sun-Mar 200

    The Sun-Mar 200 uses a patented double drum autoflow design to …

  • Urban Compost Tumbler (UCT-9) 1

    Urban Tumbler

    Designed for ease of use, the UCT-9 includes a patented, central-aeration system …