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Backyard Bins

Clean and effortless, these efficient compost bins deliver nutrient-rich “garden gold” without all the mess and fuss of traditional heaps. Not only do they keep your organic materials contained, they keep rodents and other pests out. We offer a range of sizes and styles, some made with recycled materials, others so efficient they’ll even take food waste including meat and dairy. Your plants will love the rich, organic matter you make as you reduce landfill impact.

  • Compost Bin


    Made of recycled black plastic, GEOBIN retains heat and moisture to accelerate …

    $41.95 $34.95
  • Compost Bin

    Backyard Bin

    This Backyard Compost Bin looks so good you might want one for the front yard too!

  • Bokashi Composter

    Bokashi Bucket

    Be part of the solution – not the pollution! The Bokashi Bucket uses beneficial …

  • Wood Compost Bin

    Earth Engine

    Offers large capacity, strength, versatility and beauty in your backyard …

  • Earth Maker Composter


    Easy to use, just add garden and food waste to the top chamber and remove …

  • Green Cone Composter

    Green Cone

    Suitable for recycling many types of food waste including meat, fish, dairy products …

  • Green Johanna Composter

    Green Johanna

    Manufactured in Sweden, the Green Johanna is the Rolls Royce of compost bins.

  • NatureMill METRO Kitchen Composter

    NatureMill METRO

    Recycles food and paper into rich organic nutrients… right in your own home!

  • NatureMill ULTRA

    NatureMill ULTRA

    Kitchen waste, including dairy, meat and fish, is automatically transferred …

  • SoilSaver Composter


    Easy to assemble and maintain, the SoilSaver is a good-looking addition to …

    $134.95 $119.95
  • Home Composter


    German engineering and 100% recycled plastic make ThermoQuick a favorite!

  • Wire Compost Bin

    Wire Bin

    Just add yard clippings or table scraps (any organic matter, really!), keep …