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Soaps, Oils & More!

What makes these earth-friendly pest controls safer than traditional chemical sprays and powders? They’re made from natural, minimally-processed ingredients and short-lived, non-or-minimally toxic compounds, all with the best-interest of your family and other living things in mind. (To assure safety, don’t over apply and follow instructions carefully.) How do these products work?

• Insecticidal soaps penetrate the insect’s outer body and break down its ability to retain liquid, causing death through dehydration.

• Abrasive powders such as non-toxic diatomaceous earth, also causes dehydration after scratching through the insects outer layer.

• Horticultural oil kills as it smothers insect pests and their eggs.

  • Flea Carpet Powder

    Flea Stoppers

    Sprinkle on carpets to kill adults, their larvae and hatching eggs — before …

    $49.95 $42.50
  • Bed Bug Killer

    Bed Bug Killer (Cracks & Crevices)

    Uses a special crack and crevice applicator to kill bed bugs and their eggs fast.

    $12.95 $9.50
  • Sluggo Bait


    Effective against snails and slugs, yet is non-toxic to wildlife, people, and pets.

    $18.95 $14.50
  • Boric Acid Powder

    Boric Acid Powder

    A ready-to-use insecticidal powder used to kill cockroaches, palmetto bugs, ants …

    $6.95 $4.50
  • 3-in-1 Garden Spray 1

    3-in-1 Garden Spray

    Contains sulfur and insect killing soap derived from natural fats and plant oils.

  • Organic Neem Oil

    70% Neem

    For indoor/outdoor use on ornamental plants, flowers, vegetables, trees …

    $19.95 $17.50
  • Diatomaceous Earth

    Ant & Crawling Insect

    Contains diatomaceous earth (77.69%), a fine powder made from the fossilized …

    $7.50 $6.50
  • Ant & Roach Killer

    Ant & Roach Killer

    Safe, effective and smart! Plant-based ingredients work quickly to eliminate …

    $7.50 $4.95
  • Terro Ant Baits 1

    Ant Bait Traps

    Patented design keeps the liquid borax from drying out and protects it from the …

    $9.95 $7.95
  • Terro Ant Killer II

    Ant Killer

    Effective because foraging ants that feed on the bait carry it back to the nest …

    $5.50 $3.95
  • Bed Bug Killer

    Bed Bug Killer (Carpet & Mattress)

    Contains a patented blend of organic plant oils that kills bed bugs and their eggs …

    $12.95 $9.50
  • Bon-Neem


    Specially formulated to kill mites, aphids, whitefly and other insects on contact.

    $15.95 $12.50
  • Bora-Care


    A patented formula that penetrates deep into wood providing long-lasting …

  • The Bug Blaster

    Bug Blaster

    The Bug Blaster creates an AMAZING 360° wall of water which blasts …

    $26.95 $24.50
  • Bug Shooter Garden Bug Spray


    Kills on contact with no noxious odor! Safe for ALL plants, flowers …

    $22.50 $17.50
  • Dust Mite Control


    Contains a specially formulated borate compound (98%) that provides long …

  • Flying Insect Killer

    Flying Insect (EcoSMART)

    No toxic chemicals! Use to dispatch wasps, flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other …

    $7.50 $4.95
  • All Seasons Horticultural Oil

    Horticultural Oil

    A superior type parafinic oil that degrades rapidly and has almost no toxicity.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

    Insect Dust (DE)

    100% Organic! Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth kills insects within 48 hours …

    $14.95 $9.95
  • Liquid Ladybug

    Liquid Ladybug

    Contains aromatic organic plant oils to safely and rapidly kill spider mites.

    $34.95 $32.50
  • Mite Insect Control

    Mite & Insect Spray

    Produced according to the National Organic Program (NOP) and effective against …

    $14.95 $9.95
  • Mite-X Spider Mite Killer


    Begin applying Mite-X — made from plant extracts — as soon as insects first appear.

    $12.95 $9.95
  • Mosquito Fogger

    Mosquito Fogger

    Contains a patented blend of plant oils that work fast to reduce annoying mosquitoes …

    $10.95 $8.50
  • Mosquito Beater Granules

    Mosquito Granules

    Works for up to 3 weeks and may be applied where children and pets play.

    $15.95 $13.95
  • Mosquito Beater Spray

    Mosquito Spray

    Contains cedar oil, citronella, geranium oil and lemon oils to provide effective relief.

    $17.50 $15.50
  • Orange Guard

    Orange Guard

    Made from citrus peel extract, Orange Guard kills and repels bugs for weeks!

  • Orange Guard

    Orange Guard Plants

    Ideal for use on ornamentals including flowers, trees, shrubs and houseplants.

  • Agrid3 Pelleted Bait 1

    Organic Mouse Bait

    The first and only Organic Mouse Bait! Kills rats and mice by mobilizing …

    $49.95 $46.50
  • Organocide Spray


    Ideal for use on a wide variety of insects, mites, scale and certain fungal diseases.

  • Safer Insecticidal Soap 1

    Safer Soap

    Safer Brand Insecticidal Soap is made from naturally occurring plant oils and animal fats. Penetrates the protective outer shell of ...

  • SNS 203 Pesticide

    SNS 203

    Protects your crops without harming your DNA! Very concentrated.

    $24.00 $21.50
  • SNS 209 Systemic Pesticide

    SNS 209

    Made of 100% pure botanical extracts, this systemic concentrate will protect plants …

    $24.00 $21.50
  • SNS 217 Spider Mite Control

    SNS 217

    Safe to use on delicate new growth, clones, tomatoes, roses and many other …

  • Wasp & Hornet Killer

    Wasp & Hornet Killer

    Protect the health of your family and eliminate the hazards of chemical residue.

    $9.95 $6.50
  • Zero Tolerance Pesticide

    Zero Tolerance Pesticide

    Made from pure food grade ingredients that smell great (no chemical odors).

    $16.95 $15.00
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