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Flea & Tick

The poisons used by mass-market flea and tick products can be harmful to both you and your favorite companion. (See The Center For Public Integrity’s report on the dangers here.) We carry only the safest, most effective flea and tick products to remove and repel pests from your home, your yards, and your pets — including herbal flea collars, sprays and powders — to treat these unhealthy nuisances and keep them at bay.

  • Flea Carpet Powder

    Flea Stoppers

    Sprinkle on carpets, furniture and pet bedding for long lasting flea control.

  • Herbal Flea Collar

    Herbal Pet Collar

    Deodorizes and creates a natural barrier for unwanted pet problems – year round!

  • Diatomaceous Earth

    Ant & Crawling Insect Killer

    Contains diatomaceous earth (77.69%), a fine powder made from the fossilized …

  • Beneficial Nematodes

    Beneficial Nematodes

    Use to combat insects in and on the soil and those that bore into wood, trees …

  • Dust Mite Control


    Contains a specially formulated borate compound (98%) that provides long …

  • Pet Safe Insect Dust

    Flea & Tick Dust (DE)

    All-natural and organic ingredients are not harmful to pets or the environment.

    $12.95 $8.50
  • Flea + Tick Home Spray 1

    Flea & Tick Home Spray

    SAFE to use around dogs and cats (12-weeks and older) and leaves a fresh scent.

  • The Ultimate Flea Trap

    Flea Trap

    Eliminates indoor flea problems without resorting to toxic chemicals and …

    $15.50 $13.95
  • Liquid Net for Pets 1

    Liquid Net for Pets

    The all-natural way to protect dogs and cats from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

    $12.95 $10.95
  • Liquid Net for Pets (30 Wipes) 1

    Liquid Net Wipes for Pets

    No pyrethrins — No DEET! Liquid Net for Pets is the SAFE way to protect …

    $8.95 $7.50
  • Mosquito & Tick Killer

    Mosquito & Tick Killer

    Eliminates disease-carrying pests to help protect your family without harming …

    $25.95 $23.95
  • Orange Guard

    Orange Guard

    Made from citrus peel extract, Orange Guard kills and repels bugs for weeks!