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Stain & Odor Control

You don’t need to use harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances when dealing with persistent stains and odors. Conquer them with natural stain remover tough enough to handle the most stubborn spots and natural deodorizer for those problem places in your home; all safe, all effective and easy on the environment.

  • White Wizard Spot Remover

    White Wizard

    Saves on costly dry cleaning. White Wizard eliminates stubborn spots from …

  • Spot-X

    Spot-X Hard Water Stain Remover

    Finally a hard water stain cleaner that does not contain dangerous caustic acids. Spot-X uses finely powdered shells to effectively ...

  • Biokleen Bac-Out 1

    Biokleen Bac-Out

    Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator's unique blend of natural enzymes and citrus extracts eliminates the toughest stains and odors ...

  • Bac-Out Fresh 1

    Bac-Out Fresh

    Contains live enzyme cultures and lavender extracts that not only trap odors …

  • EnzAway Spot Remover 1

    EnzAway Spot Remover

    Tough on stains & odors! Restore EnzAway Spot Remover uses the power of natural enzymes to break down and deodorize ...

  • Hardfloors Stain & Odor Remover 1

    Hardfloors Stain & Odor Remover

    SAFE for use on wood floors and other hard surfaces. Simple Solution Stain & Odor Remover contains a special blend ...

  • Stain Remover

    Stubborn Stain Remover

    A completely biodegradable treatment that removes most stains and odors …

  • Zeo-Fresh Odor Control 1

    Zeo-Fresh Odor Control

    Freshens basements, attics and other air starved areas! ZeoFresh uses volcanic minerals (zeolite), not perfumes, that actually absorb odors, totally ...