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Drain & Septic

Why use dangerous, corrosive chemicals when natural drain cleaner will do the job safely? These hard-working products remove and prevent clogs without the worry of exposing your children – and you – to what the Organic Consumers Association calls “one of the most acutely dangerous products” in your home. And unlike your average run-of-the-mill grocery store brands, these septic tank care and maintenance products contain NO harsh or acid-containing ingredients and are safe for pipes and sewer systems.

  • Earth Enzymes Natural Drain Opener

    Earth Enzymes

    Includes proprietary enzymes and bacterial cultures to break up and remove organic waste.

    $12.50 $9.95
  • Citra Drain Natural Drain Opener


    Perfect for most organic blockages including grease, oil, soap residue and more.

    $6.95 $5.50
  • Bac-Out Drain Care Gel

    Drain (Bac-Out)

    Combines enzymes and live cultures in a unique gel formula to prevent clogs.

    $8.50 $6.95
  • Bac-Out Septic Care

    Septic (Bac-Out)

    A unique blend of enzymes, live cultures and plant extracts to digest waste and odors.

    $8.50 $6.95