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Kitchen Composting

Lots of good things come from your kitchen. Why not compost? Kitchen composting turns peelings, trimmings and other throwaways — including meat, dairy, even bones! — into valuable soil and compost tea ready for your plants, all cleanly and without odor. Some fit neatly under your kitchen sink and work as quickly as ten days. All produce a finished product that will make your plants thrive. And you’ve kept waste from the landfill. Both your garden and the environment will benefit.

  • Can O Worms

    Can O Worms

    A quick, odorless and space efficient way to convert kitchen scraps into rich …

    $139.50 $125.50
  • BioBag Food Waste 1

    BioBag Food Waste

    Perfect for collecting kitchen food scraps and other organic waste for composting.

  • Bokashi Compost Starter 1

    Bokashi Bran

    Used by Japanese farmers as a soil amendment to increase the nutrient level …

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Bokashi Composter

    Bokashi Bucket

    Be part of the solution – not the pollution! The Bokashi Bucket uses beneficial …

    $53.50 $44.50
  • NatureMill METRO Kitchen Composter

    NatureMill METRO

    Recycles food and paper into rich organic nutrients… right in your own home!

  • NatureMill ULTRA

    NatureMill ULTRA

    Kitchen waste, including dairy, meat and fish, is automatically transferred …

  • Worm Cafe

    Worm Café

    This ingenious three-tray condo will let you keep an abundance of wriggling …

    $159.00 $136.95
  • Worm Farm

    Worm Farm (4 Tray)

    Redworms work in one tray at a time, producing castings as they migrate up to …

    $107.95 $103.95