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Knowledge is power! These garden books, written by growing experts in various fields, have been especially chosen to give you the information required to be a master gardener. Whether you're looking for soil improvement and composting know-how, guides to successful vegetable gardening, or how to grow indoors under lights year-round, you'll find the best reads here!

  • Bloom Again Orchids Book

    Bloom-Again Orchids

    Author Judy White offers tips and tricks for glorious displays year after year.

  • Garden Journal

    5-Year Journal

    Beautiful 5-Year Journal keeps your notes organized and in one single place.

  • The Apple Grower 1

    Apple Grower

    The author’s personal voice and advice have made this book a classic!

  • Attracting Native Pollinators 1

    Attracting Native Pollinators

    This is an essential reference book and action guide for anyone who is growing …

  • Botany for Gardeners 1

    Botany for Gardeners

    The most complete and useful introduction to the world of botany available.

  • Carrots Love Tomatoes

    Carrots Love Tomatoes

    A reference to which plants nourish the soil, which keep pests away, and which …

  • Clean & Green

    Clean & Green

    Solutions, recipes and remedies for eco-friendly and nontoxic housekeeping.

    $12.50 $9.95
  • Cold Climate Gardening (2nd Edition) 1

    Cold Climate Gardening

    Learn valuable techniques to extend your growing season by at least 30 days!

  • How to Make and Use Compost 1

    Compost Guide

    Clearly written and cross-referenced, How to Make and Use Compost: The Ultimate …

  • Composting Book 1

    Composting Book

    No matter what type of gardener you are, we guarantee you will love this book.

  • Creating Rain Gardens

    Creating Rain Gardens

    A must-have for anyone who wants to maximize their water efficiency in the garden.

  • Dead Snails Leave No Trails 1

    Dead Snails Leave No Trails

    Offers simple tricks and techniques to help you avoid the use of toxic pesticides.

  • The Dirt Cheap Green Thumb 1

    Dirt Cheap Green Thumb

    Save some green and reap the harvest with these 400 time-tested tips and tricks.

  • Easy Care Orchids Book

    Easy-Care Orchids

    Armed with this handy booklet, you'll enjoy growing these fabulous flowers.

  • Edible Perennial Gardening Book

    Edible Perennial Gardening

    Growing successful polycultures in small spaces. Paperback, 176 pages.

  • Epic Tomatoes Book

    Epic Tomatoes

    How to select and grow the best varieties of all time. Paperback, 245 pages.

  • The Family Kitchen Garden 1

    Family Kitchen Garden

    How to Plant, Grow and Cook Together. A beautiful book with easy-to-follow …

  • Farm-Fresh and Fast Book

    Farm-Fresh and Fast

    Easy Recipes and tips for making the most of fresh, seasonal foods.

  • Four Season Harvest 1

    Four Season Harvest

    Covers everything you need to know to grow fresh organic veggies all year long.

  • Gaia's Garden 1

    Gaia’s Garden

    A guide to home-scale permaculture. Learn how to garden in harmony with …

  • Gardening Indoors Book

    Gardening Indoors

    A best-seller since 1986 — includes color photos, charts, drawings and graphs!

  • Grow Cook Eat

    Grow Cook Eat

    As comprehensive as it is educational, Grow Cook Eat is the perfect book for …

  • Growing Great Garlic 1

    Growing Great Garlic

    Written by a small farmer who makes his living growing over 200 strains of garlic.

  • The Homebrewer's Garden

    Homebrewer’s Garden

    How to easily grow, prepare and use your own hops, malts and brewing herbs.

  • Homegrown Hops (2nd Edition) 1

    Homegrown Hops

    Welcome to the ranks of homegrowers of hops. Happy Growing! – David R. Beach

  • The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual

    Houseplant Survival Manual

    Essential know-how for keeping (not killing) more than 160 indoor plants.

  • Booklet, Sprouting for Health

    How-To (Booklet)

    Learn how to grow crisp and delicious SUPER foods for just pennies per day!

    $7.95 $5.50
  • How-To Hydroponics Book

    How-To Hydroponics

    The complete guide to building and operating your own hydroponic gardens.

  • Keep Chickens Book

    Keep Chickens!

    Tending small flocks in cities, suburbs & other small spaces. Paperback, 160 pages.

  • Keeping the Harvest

    Keeping the Harvest

    Discover the homegrown goodness of putting up your own fruits, veggies and herbs.

  • Organic Lawn Care Manual

    Lawn Care Manual

    Learn how to create and maintain a beautiful chemical-free yard — it’s easy!

  • Let It Rot! Book

    Let It Rot!

    The go-to guide for turning household and yard waste into gardener’s gold.

  • The Montana Gardener's Companion

    Montana Gardener’s Companion

    The only guide available that’s completely devoted to growing in Big Sky Country.

  • Mulch It! 1

    Mulch It!

    A Practical Guide to Using Mulch in the Garden and Landscape. If it has to do with …

  • The New Organic Grower 1

    New Organic Grower

    A common sense and sustainable approach to growing top-quality organic …

  • Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer

    Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer

    The ultimate guide to producing high-quality herbs on a market scale.

  • The Pickled Pantry Book

    Pickled Pantry

    From apples to zucchini, 150 recipes for pickles, relishes, chutneys and more.

  • Pruning Book

    Pruning Book

    This must-have guide covers thousands of species in a manageable A-Z format.

  • Secrets of Plant Propagation

    Secrets of Plant Propagation

    Grow beautiful, bountiful, healthy plants — and save money in the process!

  • Secrets to Great Soil

    Secrets to Great Soil

    Includes over 300 illustrations and charts to help you grow beautiful gardens.

  • Seed to Seed Book

    Seed to Seed

    Describes specific techniques for saving the seeds of 160 different vegetables.

  • The Seed Underground

    Seed Underground

    Help to protect the ideas and traditions of local gardening and save the seed …

  • The Soul of Soil Book

    Soul of Soil

    A comprehensive handbook for home gardeners and organic farmers, 4th edition.

  • Teaming with Microbes

    Teaming with Microbes

    The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web, Revised Edition. Hardcover, 220 pp.

  • Tips for the Lazy Gardener 1

    Tips for the Lazy Gardener

    This fun and effective reference shows you that it is possible to produce better …

  • The Gardener's Weed Book

    Weed Book

    An easy-to-use reference that recommends safe, effective remedies.

  • What's Wrong With My Plant? 1

    What’s Wrong With My Plant?

    This easy-to-use guide helps diagnose any problem and matches it to the right cure.

  • Worms Eat My Garbage Book

    Worms Eat My Garbage

    This easy to read guide has everything you need to know about vermicomposting.