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Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mychorrhizae are nature’s root boosters, tiny fungal filaments that work symbiotically with plant roots to help them absorb more moisture and nutrients. They also release enzymes which help break down nutrients into forms more easily utilized. Other benefits:

• Encourages vigorous root growth
• Reduces transplant shock
• Minimizes need for supplementation by increasing uptake

Mycorrhizal fungi occur naturally in soil but must be introduced to seedlings in starter plugs or hydroponic systems. Mychorrhizae innoculants, available in liquid and powder forms, are easy to use and effective. You won’t believe the results.

  • Roots Organics Oregonism XL 1

    Oregonism XL

    Specifically selected for fruiting and flowering plants with a tolerance to heavy …

    $19.95 $14.95
  • Great White Mycorrhizae 1

    Great White

    Approved for use with organic or synthetic fertilizers in soils, coco and all …

    $41.50 $35.95
  • Liquid Piranha 1

    Liquid Piranha

    100% Organic. Maximize your plant's root mass by up to 700% with Advanced Nutrients Liquid Piranha. More roots ensures that ...

    $85.50 $59.95
  • Liquid Tarantula 1

    Liquid Tarantula

    100% Organic Root Booster. Advanced Nutrients Liquid Tarantula will transform your valuable garden into a POWERHOUSE of abundance. Contains just ...

    $85.50 $59.95
  • Mayan MicroZyme 1

    Mayan MicroZyme

    A 100% Natural Bacterial-Enzymatic Concentrate. Chock-full of microorganisms, Humboldt Nutrients Mayan MicroZyme can increase fertility while providing vital nutrients to ...

  • Metabolic Transformer

    Metabolic Transformer

    Hand crafted with pure essential amino acids and balanced carbohydrates …

  • Myco Madness 1

    Myco Madness

    Well suited to a variety of climates, soils and plants, this soluble powder can …

  • MYKOS Wettable Powder (WP) 1

    MYKOS Wettable Powder (WP)

    Designed specifically for hydroponic systems. Xtreme Gardening MYKOS WP is a mycorrhizal inoculant (beneficial soil fungus) that facilitates the breaking-down ...

  • Piranha Beneficial Fungi 1

    Piranha Beneficial Fungi

    Blowout Sale! Offer good while supplies last. Advanced Nutrients Piranha contains 26 types of beneficial fungi, including eight species of ...

    $30.15 $16.75
  • Root Rally 1

    Root Rally (0-3-0)

    Applied to the plant’s root system this 100% premium organic blend will reduce …

  • Rooter's Mycorrhizae

    Rooters Mycorrhizae

    Increases nutrient and water uptake and improves most plants’ growth and vigor.

    $12.95 $10.95
  • Soluble Mycorrhizae 1

    Soluble Mycorrhizae

    Contains a blend of vitamins, humic acid and twelve beneficial microorganisms …

    $31.95 $28.95
  • SubCulture-B Bacterial Root Inoculant 1

    SubCulture-B Bacterial Root Inoculant

    Specialty Nutrient & Root Inoculant. General Hydroponics SubCulture-B (0.1-0.04-0.02) is a biological inoculum containing a wide diversity of beneficial bacteria ...

  • SubCulture-M Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant 1

    SubCulture-M Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant

    Greatly increases root mass to enhance growth and yield! General Hydroponics SubCulture-M is a mycorrhizae root inoculant that contains a ...

  • Tarantula Beneficial Bacteria 1

    Tarantula Beneficial Bacteria

    Blowout Sale! Offer good while supplies last. Advanced Nutrients Tarantula contains 19 types of organic beneficial bacteria that colonize plant ...

    $30.15 $16.75
  • Voodoo Juice Root Booster 1

    Voodoo Juice Root Booster

    100% ORGANIC. Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice contains 5 strains of beneficial bacteria (every liter contains 50 billion microbes) that colonize ...

    $25.70 $17.95
  • White Widow 1

    White Widow

    Helps provide plant roots with greater access to water and nutrients in the soil.

  • ZHO Root Inoculant 1


    Greatly improves plant and root growth, vigor, and production… naturally!

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