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Clone Machines

Clone machines are the simple way to achieve strong, healthy root systems from cuttings you take from your prized plants. Whether you’re working with common philodendrens or rare hybrids, these efficient machines make the work practically automatic, providing your future transplants just the right amounts of moisture, hormone stimulants and oxygen.

  • EZ Clone Machine

    EZ Clone Machines

    Get rooted.. get growing! The EZ Clone Machine is currently available in THREE sizes to serve your growing needs (16, ...

  • 25 Plant Clone Machine 1

    25 Plant Clone Machine

    Designed to be cost efficient & practical! The Botanicare 25 Plant Clone Machine contains a true aeroponic mist application to ...

  • EZ Clone Mister

    360 Degree Misters

    Designed to be used specifically with the "Best Aeroponic Cloning Machine" on the market! EZ-CLONE Misters produce a 360 degree ...

  • Clone Machine

    Clone Machine (48 Plant)

    Cost efficient and practical, this clone machine contains a true aeroponic mist application to ensure the best rooting and aeration. ...

  • EZ-Clone Cloning Collars 1

    EZ-Clone Cloning Collars

    For use with ALL EZ-CLONE Machines. These specially designed Cloning Collars (35|Soft) are custom-built from a soft, sterile material that ...

  • EZ Clone Manifold

    Manifold 120

    Produces AMAZING results without the use of soil or an aggregate medium.

    $87.50 $58.50
  • EZ Clone Manifold

    Manifold 30/60

    Designed to fit ALL EZ-Clone 30 and 60 systems or use to build your own DIY …

    $74.95 $28.95
  • Neoprene Inserts (Cloning Collars) 1

    Neoprene Inserts

    Designed to hold and protect new cuttings without damaging any of the plants …