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Root Stimulators

The key to plant growth and performance? Full, vibrant root systems. Root stimulators can provide plants everything they need —

• macro-nutrients
• trace elements
• organic compounds
• disaccharides
• beneficial microbes

— to establish quick initial rooting, powerful growth and nutrient absorption, as well as the ability to resist fungus and rot. Root stimulators can also protect your transplants from shock. Find the perfect product for your growing needs here.

  • B'Cuzz Root Stimulator

    B’Cuzz Root

    Ensures strong root growth and reduces the chance of root diseases like …

    $46.95 $37.95
  • BioRoot Root Booster 1


    Contains plant and mineral-derived organic acids and humates that encourage …

  • BushDoctor Kangaroots 1

    BushDoctor Kangaroots

    A natural and organic liquid inoculant used to encourage root mass development …

  • Humboldt Roots 1

    Humboldt Roots

    Specifically designed to expand the root zone resulting in larger yields through…

    $72.80 $52.50


    A powerful marine algae extract that promotes root growth and development.

    $20.90 $19.00
  • Root 66 Plant Nutrient 1

    Root 66

    Promotes a well balanced root structure for overall plant growth and performance.

  • Roots Excelurator 1

    Roots Excelurator

    Roots Excelurator is the most powerful root stimulator available in today’s market.

    $76.95 $69.25
  • Start Boost


    Stimulates complex root structures for vastly improved nutrient use — naturally!