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Fulvic & Humic Acid

A compliment to many plant nutrients, humic acid (humates) and fulvic acid supplements improve mineral uptake through roots and between cells as well as speeding cellular metabolism. This means faster, vigorous overall development, proliferate root growth, abundant blossoming and superior resistance to disease. You’ll see and taste the difference!

  • Roots Organics Ancient Amber (Leonardite) 1

    Ancient Amber

    Leonardite is a rare form of lignite coal composed of ancient plant material.

    $19.95 $14.95
  • Diamond Black 1

    Diamond Black

    Liquid Humic Acids. General Organics Diamond Black (0-0-1) is derived from 100% pure Leonardite, a naturally occurring form of carbon ...

  • Diamond Nectar 1

    Diamond Nectar

    Premium Grade Humic Acids. General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar helps improve uptake and utilization of trace minerals by plants. Promotes rapid ...

  • FlavorFul Fulvic Acid 1

    FlavorFul Fulvic Acid

    Contains 8% refined HUMIC ACID..! Humboldt Nutrients FlavorFul has a rich, dark color, indicating the high concentration of this 100% ...

  • Europonic Fossil Fuel

    Fossil Fuel

    May be used on all plants including fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants …

  • Botanicare Fulvex

    Fulvex (formerly Huvega)

    Blends magnesium with over 72 trace minerals to maximize growth and yields.

  • Grandma Enggy's Fulvic Acid (F-1) 1

    Fulvic Acid (F-1)

    Use to increase permeability of plant membranes and increases drought tolerance.

    $27.65 $15.50
  • Grandma Enggy's Humic Acid (H-2) 1

    Grandma Enggy’s Humic Acid (H-2)

    Blowout Sale! Offer good while supplies last. Grandma Enggy's Humic Acid is guaranteed the strongest, most concentrated Humic Acid formula ever ...

    $27.65 $15.50
  • Hum-Bolt 1


    Contains 8% HUMIC ACID..! Derived from leonardite, Humboldt Nutrients Hum-Bolt improves plant production by promoting high ion exchange capabilities, stimulating ...

  • Humate Humic Acid


    A liquid humic acid for gardening enthusiasts that want to build the quality …

    $7.50 $6.00
  • Humega 1


    A biologically enhanced soil conditioner manufactured from leonardite.

  • Age Old Humic 12 1

    Humic 12

    Helps unlock soil nutrients such as phosphorus and potash and improves …

  • Rich Humic (Humic Acid) 1

    Rich Humic (Humic Acid)

    Improves nutrient absorption in plants and encourages rapid growth and size.

    $10.95 $9.50
  • Start Boost


    Stimulates complex root structures for vastly improved nutrient use — naturally!

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