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Fulvic & Humic Acid

A compliment to many liquid plant nutrients, humates or humic acid fertilizers/ soil conditioners improve mineral uptake through roots and between cells as well as speeding cellular metabolism. The benefits for plants include faster development, proliferate root growth, abundant blossoming and superior resistance to disease. Give them a try — you'll see and taste the difference!

  • Diamond Nectar

    Diamond Nectar

    A premium product used to improve the uptake and utilization of trace minerals.

    $17.50 $13.50
  • Rich Humic (Humic Acid)

    Rich Humic

    Improves nutrient absorption in plants and encourages rapid growth and size.

    $12.95 $10.95
  • RAW Humic Acid + Potash

    Humic Acid + Potash

    This high quality product is SUPER concentrated for less waste and easier use.

    $14.95 $9.95
  • Humic Acid Fertilizer

    Humic Acids (Granular)

    Harvested from a huge deposit of decomposed plant life from millions of years ago.

    $9.50 $7.95
  • Ancient Amber (Leonardite)

    Ancient Amber

    Leonardite is a rare form of lignite coal composed of ancient plant material.

    $19.95 $14.95
  • Ancient Earth

    Ancient Earth

    This formula is easy to use, cost effective and has a money-back guarantee.

    $32.95 $24.95
  • Ancient Forest Humus

    Ancient Forest Humus

    Contains pure, naturally decomposed forest humus — NO fillers or additives.

    $16.50 $12.95
  • Diamond Black

    Diamond Black

    Use to support beneficial microbial activity in soils and potting mixes.

    $16.95 $13.50
  • FlavorFul Fulvic Acid


    Use to make a huge difference in your garden’s fruit and flower production.

    $18.50 $14.95
  • Europonic Fossil Fuel

    Fossil Fuel

    Promotes rapid plant growth and may help in the uptake of micronutrients.

    $21.50 $18.50
  • Botanicare Fulvex

    Fulvex (formerly Huvega)

    Blends magnesium with over 72 trace minerals to maximize growth and yields.

    $19.95 $15.50
  • Grandma Enggy's Humic Acid

    Grandma Enggy’s H-2 (10L)

    Benefits include protection of clones, faster growth and bigger, tastier yields.

    $205.95 $114.50
  • Hum-Bolt Humic Acid


    Derived from leonardite, Hum-Bolt will increase the health of your favorite plants.

    $18.50 $14.95
  • Age Old Humic 12

    Humic 12

    Use to release nutrients that are in the soil but not readily available to the plant.

    $15.95 $11.95
  • Humate Humic Acid

    Liquid Humus

    A very concentrated formula used to build the quality and structure of soils.

    $9.95 $7.95
  • Aptus Start Boost


    Promotes beefier stems – up to 2x thicker – and complex, sturdy root structures.

    $77.00 $59.95