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Bloom Boosters

Bloom boosters give your plants just what they need when they need it to produce abundant, vigorous blossoms and better harvests. Offering an effective macro-nutrient balance usually higher in phosphorous and potassium — two nutrients that support flowering — they also include additional trace minerals, amino acids and other stimulants to replenish growing solutions and prevent weakness, deficiencies and disease. You’ll marvel at the results.

  • Big Bud Liquid 1

    Big Bud Liquid

    During field testing, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud (0-1-3) overwhelmingly beat all of it's competitors. The reason? Big Bud's specific ratios ...

    $45.95 $32.50
  • http://www.planetnatural.com/product/awesome-blossoms/

    Awesome Blossoms (2-11-11)

    For all flowering plants. Technaflora Awesome Blossoms is a scientifically blended flower stimulant designed to promote prolific blooms at multiple ...

  • B'Cuzz Bloom

    B’Cuzz Bloom

    Use to stimulate the plant from seed or cutting to mature plant with rapid and …

  • Big Bud Powder 1

    Big Bud Powder

    Use with any feed program for the largest, most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen!

    $29.55 $20.95
  • Soul Synthetics Big Swell 1

    Big Swell

    Designed to increase flower size, vigor and quality in fast growing plants.

    $49.95 $37.50
  • BioBud Bloom Booster 1


    Flowering Tonic. General Organics BioBud (0-0-1) provides flowering plants with additional minerals and amino acids. Encourages abundant, dense floral clusters ...



    100% Organic. BioBOOST is a yield increasing tonic for all cultivation systems and can be applied in combination with all ...

    $94.50 $85.95
  • Bloom Fuel 1

    Bloom Fuel

    Flower Triggering Solution. Grotek Bloom Fuel is a flowering supplement designed to be used on all annual flowers, vegetables, herbs, ...

    $18.95 $16.95
  • Bloom Boost

    BloomBoost (0-0-1)

    Flowering plants get ideal nutrition in one concentrated package with BloomBoost!

  • Blossom Blaster 1

    Blossom Blaster

    Blooming & Fruiting Formula. Grotek Blossom Blaster (0-39-25) is a powerful fertilizer designed to increase the number and size of ...

    $119.95 $102.50
  • Better Bloom (B3) 1

    Bountea Better Bloom (1.6-3-7)

    Naturally formulated to help plants produce exceptional flowering and fruiting.

  • Bloom Booster Fertilizer

    Bud & Bloom Booster (1-9-2)

    When garden plants make more flowers, you get more produce. It’s that simple.

  • Bud & Bloom Booster (Organic 8) 1

    Bud & Bloom Booster (4-10-7)

    Promotes MAXIMUM blooms and strong root development in flowering plants.

  • Bud Candy 1

    Bud Candy

    Bring some Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy home for your plants today! This 100% organic flower booster provides powerful plant energy ...

    $18.15 $12.95
  • Bud Factor X 1

    Bud Factor X

    Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X was concocted by plant scientists that spent years looking for powerful ingredients that make a ...

    $100.95 $71.95
  • Bud Ignitor 1

    Bud Ignitor

    When you pour Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor into your nutrient reservoir you can enjoy the confidence of knowing you're giving ...

    $99.25 $69.50
  • Bud-XL 1


    Watch out for increased yields! House & Garden Bud-XL (0.4-0-0.2) has the unique ability to extract sugars from the leaf ...

    $54.95 $49.45
  • CANNA BOOST Accelerator 1

    CANNA BOOST Accelerator

    Made from naturally fermented plant extracts, CANNA BOOST stimulates the development of newly formed flowers which ultimately results in fuller ...

    $111.10 $101.95
  • Age Old Dry Fruit 1

    Dry Fruit (2-10-20)

    The low nitrogen level coupled with high phosphorous, potash and calcium help …

  • FinalBoost

    FinaleBoost (3-0-16)

    Supports the transition from flower to fruit and brings plants to peak maturity.

  • Floralicious Plus 1

    Floralicious Plus

    Combines plant, marine, and mineral extracts to create a one part nutrient …

  • GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator 1

    GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator

    Super Strength Concentrate. GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator is a highly concentrated, 100% organic plant nutrient supplement blended from pure plant oils ...

    $49.50 $34.50
  • Heavy Bloom (4-Liter) 1

    Heavy Bloom (4-Liter)

    Improves Flowering & Blooming. Grotek Heavy Bloom (0-1-2) is specially designed to be used during the reproductive stage of plant ...

    $52.50 $44.50
  • Heavy Fire 1

    Heavy Fire

    Heavy 16 Professional Plant Nutrient has for years been the chosen preference of elite growers through California. Growers around the ...

  • Roots Organics HPK (Bat Guano & Langbeinite) 1

    HPK (Bat Guano & Langbeinite)

    A specially extracted natural source of phosphorous and potassium.

    $19.95 $14.95
  • Hydroplex 1


    Bloom Maximizer. Botanicare Hydroplex (0-10-6) is a premium plant nutrient supplement designed to highly enhance fruit, flower and bloom development. ...

  • Ionic Boost 1

    Ionic Boost

    A nutrient supplement designed to be used in the final few weeks before harvest. Ionic Boost (0-5-6) allows the grower ...

  • Liquid Kool Bloom 1

    Liquid Kool Bloom

    A highly concentrated nutrient additive, General Hydroponics Kool Bloom (0-10-10) promotes abundant flowering and helps facilitate ripening in annual flowers ...

  • MassBoost

    MassBoost (5-0-0)

    Provides the calcium and magnesium that fruiting and flowering plants need.

  • Nirvana Flower Booster 1

    Nirvana Flower Booster

    Organic Bloom Enhancer. Advanced Nutrients Nirvana (0-0-1) is a 100% natural bloom biostimulant that gives you bigger flowers and outperforms ...

    $27.60 $19.50
  • Overdrive 1


    Keep your plants at peak performance with Advanced Nutrients Overdrive. An ultra-premium liquid flower enhancer for that extra edge you ...

    $42.70 $29.95
  • Soul Synthetics Peak 1


    Years of research and extensive testing have resulted in a superior PK formula.

    $25.95 $19.50
  • PeakBoost

    PeakBoost (1-14-0)

    Say goodbye to huge inputs and mediocre harvests! This perfectly …

  • PK 13/14 1

    PK 13/14

    A mixture of top quality plant nutrients that stimulate flowering. CANNA PK 13/14 contains phosphorus and potassium to promote flower ...

    $7.60 $6.95
  • Power Flower

    Power Flower

    Contains a full complement of essential elements and is fortified with extra …

  • Super Bud Blaster 1

    Super Bud Blaster

    Blowout Sale! Offer good while supplies last. Advanced Nutrients Super Bud Blaster (0-52-31) contains an explosive combination of powerful nutrients, minerals ...

    $40.65 $20.50
  • Top Booster 1

    Top Booster

    Bigger and better yields! With one use (four days of exposure) House & Garden Top Booster (0-7-5.8) triggers plants to ...

    $21.95 $17.95
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