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TDS Testers

Knowing the dissolved solids level of your hydroponic solution is critical when adding supplements and maintaining optimum levels of nutrients. A professional quality TDS meter will give you accurate information on your solution’s total dissolved solids or electrical conductivity (EC). Want the fastest, most abundant growth possible? Get reading!

  • Bluelab Combo Meter

    Combo Meter

    All you need for simple and reliable crop management and it’s all within arms reach.

    $309.95 $279.95
  • Handheld TDS Meter

    HM Digital (TDS-3)

    This handheld pen includes a large screen and a built-in thermometer at a great price.

    $36.95 $29.95
  • Hanna TDS Tester

    Primo Tester

    A fast and dependable way to measure the total dissolved solids in water samples.

    $48.95 $43.95
  • Bluelab PPM Pen

    PPM Pen

    Use to maximize plant health, prevent burn and ensure optimum plant yields.

    $94.95 $84.95
  • Gro'Chek Combo (HI 991404)

    Combo (HI991404)

    Continuously monitors the three most crucial nutrient ranges in hydroponics.

    $259.95 $233.95
  • Gro'Chek pH/TDS Meter (HI 981404N)

    Continuous Indicator (HI981404N)

    Ideal for hydroponics applications where constant measurements are required.

    $224.95 $202.50
  • HANNA EC/TDS Tester

    DiST5 (HI98311)

    Delivers accurate results with automatic calibration and temperature compensation.

    $131.95 $118.95
  • Gro'Chek EC Meter (HI 983302N)

    Gro’Chek EC (HI983302N)

    Easy to use, just hang above the sample to be monitored or take it along with you!

    $119.95 $104.95
  • Gro'Chek TDS Meter (HI 983301N)

    Gro’Chek TDS (HI983301N)

    Ships complete with a low-maintenance probe and complete instructions.

    $119.95 $104.95
  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    Guardian Monitor

    Easy to use, just plug it in and place the probes in your nutrient reservoir.

    $394.95 $354.95
  • pH/ PPM Meter (HI9813-6N)

    Portable (HI9813-6N)

    Large dials located on the front panel makes calibration quick and simple.

    $274.95 $245.95
  • Bluelab Truncheon Meter


    It is essential to KNOW the strength of the solution before feeding your plants.

    $144.95 $129.95