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pH Meters

pH — the acid content of a solution — affects a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. Make sure your nutrient solution is at the proper pH level for maximum growth with these professional-quality, easy to-read pH meters. Our selection assures you’ll find one to meet your growing needs… and budget.

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  • pH Test Indicator 1

    pH Test Indicator

    Many experienced growers prefer this test kit to expensive meters because of its …

  • HANNA Combo Tester

    Combo Tester

    Offers accurate pH, EC/ TDS and temperature measurements in one meter.

    $194.95 $178.95
  • Champ pH Tester (HI 98106) 1

    Champ pH Tester

    Features an ergonomically enhanced casing and a large LCD which makes it …

    $62.95 $56.95
  • Bluelab Combo Meter

    Combo Meter

    All you need for simple and reliable crop management and it’s all within arms reach.

    $308.00 $286.50
  • Gro'Chek Combo (HI 991404) 1

    GroChek Combo

    Continuously monitors the three most crucial nutrient parameters in hydroponic …

    $246.95 $183.50
  • Gro'Chek pH Meter (HI 981401N) 1

    GroChek pH

    Originally designed for the greenhouse and hydroponics industry where the need …

    $114.95 $104.50
  • Gro'Chek pH/TDS Meter (HI 981404N) 1

    GroChek pH/TDS

    Equipped with two large LCDs for easy-to-read measurements, even from …

    $210.95 $183.50
  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    Guardian Monitor

    Allows you to optimize EC, pH and temperature as the crop progresses through …

    $378.50 $363.95
  • Gro'Chek pH Stick Tester (HI 981408) 1

    pH Stick

    Designed to be tough, the tester stick can be used to stir the solution being measured …

    $113.95 $102.50
  • HANNA pH Tester

    pH Tester

    Includes a pH electrode, electrode removal tool, batteries and complete …

    $132.95 $102.50
  • HANNA Portable Meter (HI9813-6N) 1

    Portable Meter

    Dials located on the front panel makes calibration quick and simple, even for …

    $283.95 $249.50
  • Bluelab pH Replacement Electrod 1

    Replacement Electrode

    pH probes, or electrodes, do NOT last forever and will eventually fail.

    $81.95 $75.95