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pH, EC & TDS

Testing your hydroponic solution’s acid-alkaline (pH) balance, its electro-conductivity (EC), and its total dissolved solids (TDS) is critical to successful hydroponic gardening.

The pH of a solution determines the availability of plant nutrients for uptake. The acid-alkaline reading of liquids — unlike that of soil — can fluctuate quickly. Maintaining the perfect pH is critical for healthy plant growth. Read More

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is the amount of dissolved solids in water measured in parts per million. Hydroponic gardeners want to know their nutrient reservoir is carrying the most effective levels of solution for quick, superior growth. TDS testing can also be used to determine the effectiveness of water purification systems (including reverse osmosis), the purity of aquarium water and the like.

Electro Conductivity (EC) is a measure of a solution’s ability to conduct electricity and is an easy way to determine its total salt content (nutrients). EC is measured in micro Siemans per centimeter or µS/cm. For purposes of converting EC readings to TD readings, 2 µS/cm equal one part per million of dissolved solids.

Sound confusing? Our professional-quality testing equipment makes it easy. pH meters give exact readings for establishing and maintaining the perfect acid-alkaline balance. We carry EC and TDS testers that are self-calibrating and automatically adjust for temperature differences. Need advice finding the perfect meter for your needs? Our expert staff can help.

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