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Orchid Care

There's nothing simple about orchid care. Their ideal environment requires very specific conditions and equipment. If you love growing these elegant, exotic beauties, we've got you covered, from every angle.

While glossy leaves are beautiful, we love orchids for their beautiful blooms, and the right care can mean the difference between no flowers or abundant ones. We carry fertilizers, grow lights, containers, light and humidity meters and heat mats to keep your specimens happy and productive. Read More

The unique roots of Orchidaceae like to be damp, but not soggy, so regular soil just won't do. Special combinations of bark, fiber, moss and other additives that mimic natural tropical growing conditions are placed around the roots in a unique pot that holds these loose materials together while providing plenty of aeration for the roots.

Too much moisture can lead to fungus, especially in an indoor environment where many plants are tended and cultivated. Growers can now keep non-toxic fungicides on hand to keep outbreaks in check.

Breathtaking orchids deserve excellent care, and we've chosen the best tools available to make your job easier. Enjoy our quality collection!

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