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Daylight hours are all-important to the growth and blooming cycles of your season-sensitive plants. Get the electronic control you need with a programmable light timer. Need to schedule hydroponic pumps, digital equipment or multiple system feedings over periods of days? You’ll find what you’re looking for here!

  • Light Timer

    Light Timer

    Plugs directly into a wall outlet and automatically turns your equipment on and off!

    $14.95 $11.95
  • Master Digital Timer

    Master Digital Timer (MDT)

    Automate lighting and recycling operations with this precise digital clock.

    $189.95 $171.95
  • Digital Light Timer

    7 Day (Digital)

    Plugs directly into wall outlet and features up to eight on/off settings per day.

    $17.95 $14.95
  • Dual Outlet Timer

    Dual Outlet (Analog)

    Use to automate your indoor equipment — controls two outlets simultaneously!

    $12.95 $10.95
  • Dual Digital Timer

    Dual Outlet (Digital)

    Features up to eight on/offs per day with individual day or multi-day settings.

    $18.95 $14.95
  • Heavy Duty 240v Timer

    Intermatic (240V)

    Use on ALL heavy-duty 240V appliances, AC units, lamps and fixtures.

    $25.95 $22.95
  • Adjustable Recycle Timer (ART-DNe)

    Recycle Timer (ART-DNe)

    Use for any device that needs to be turned on and off at precise intervals.

    $89.95 $81.95
  • Recycling Timer

    Repeat Cycle

    Includes two adjustment knobs that make it easy to change the settings.

    $74.95 $69.95