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Pest & Disease Control

Insects and disease fungi are attracted to your garden whether outdoors or in. Here are the best products — traps, beneficial insects, natural sprays — to use if indoor plant pests find their way inside your grow room.

  • Actinovate Fungicide


    This one-stop fungus fighter works from root to leaf with a concentrated beneficial …

  • AzaMax (Azadirachtin) 1

    AzaMax (Azadirachtin)

    Works as well as synthetic insecticides, but without the environmental impact.

  • Azamax Spray Bottle (10 Vials) 1

    Azamax Spray Bottle (10 Vials)

    This ready-to-make sprayer system features a 360˚ rotational spray bottle and an attached box containing 10 vials of AzaMax (a ...

  • Azatrol EC Insecticide

    Azatrol EC Insecticide (Azadirachtin)

    Azatrol is an azadirachtin insecticide (1.2%) formulated to provide broad spectrum insect control with very low environmental impact. NON-TOXIC to ...

  • Beneficial Nematodes

    Beneficial Nematodes

    Use to combat insects in and on the soil and those that bore into wood, trees …

  • Blue Sticky Traps

    Blue Sticky Traps

    Seabright Laboratories Blue Sticky Traps contain a special color attractant to protect plants from thrips and leafminers. Each package includes ...

  • Bon-Neem


    Specially formulated to kill mites, aphids, whitefly and other insects on contact.

  • Crawling Insect Traps 1

    Crawling Insect Traps

    Contains NO poisons! Victor Insect Traps capture crawling pests including roaches, crickets, centipedes and spiders. Release paper protects the glue ...

  • Insect Fogger

    Doktor Doom Insect Fogger

    The biggest benefit to using Doktor Doom Total Release Insect Fogger is that it's made with natural pyrethrum which biologically ...

  • Don't Bug Me Insect Spray 1

    Don’t Bug Me

    Breaks down quickly in the environment and allows for repeated use without …

  • Flying Insect Killer 1

    Flying Insect Killer

    Works on contact indoors & out! Safer Brand Flying Insect Killer offers the convenience of an aerosol spray in an ...

  • Fungus Gnat Predator (Entomite-M) 1

    Fungus Gnat Predator

    Fungus Gnat Predators (Hypoaspis miles) actively search for fungus gnat larvae and other harmful soil insects to attack after release. ...

  • Gnat Nix Fungus Gnat Control

    Gnat Nix

    No chemicals, no fuss application — just a quick, simple way to keep pesky …

    $17.95 $11.50
  • GoGnats


    A non-toxic, poison-free alternative! Earth Juice goGnats is specially formulated for use against fungus gnats, midges, spider mites, thrips, aphids ...

  • Green Cure Fungicide 1

    Green Cure

    A highly effective powdery mildew treatment for indoor plants, greenhouse and …

  • LED Work Light

    Green LED Work Light

    Check your garden without interrupting the photoperiod cycle! The Active Eye Green LED Work Light contains 78 powerful high-intensity green ...

  • Hand Magnifier (100x) 1

    Hand Magnifier (100x)

    Impressive 100x zoom power helps identify insect pests and plant diseases. The Active Eye Illuminated Hand Magnifier provides a sharp, ...

  • Liquid Ladybug

    Liquid Ladybug

    Contains aromatic organic plant oils to safely and rapidly kill spider mites …

  • Mite-X Spider Mite Killer 1

    Mite-X Spider Mite Killer

    An effective spider mite killer! Made from botanical extracts, Bonide Mite-X can be used on vegetables, fruit, nuts, vine crops, ...

  • Mosquito Bits

    Mosquito Bits

    Bti-coated granules are very effective against mosquito and fungus gnat larvae.

    $11.50 $9.95
  • Mosquito Dunks

    Mosquito Dunks

    Kills mosquito larvae for 30 days! Mosquito Dunks have been used for years …

  • Mycostop


    Developed from a naturally occurring bacteria, Streptomyces griseoviridis, Mycostop Biological Fungicide thrives in the root zone of plants. When applied ...

  • Natural Disease Control

    Natural Disease Control

    Ideal for organic gardening! Monterey All Natural Disease Control is a ready-to-use blend of naturally occurring ingredients that control plant ...

  • Mite Insect Control

    Natural Mite & Insect Control

    Produced according to the National Organic Program (NOP), Monterey All Natural Mite & Insect Control is a unique blend of ...

  • Monterey Neem Oil - RTU 1

    Neem Oil Spray

    Available in a NEW ready-to-use formula, Monterey Neem Oil Spray has both fungicidal and insecticidal properties to control black spot, ...

  • Orange Guard

    Orange Guard Ornamental Plants

    Made from d-Limonene (citrus peel extract), Orange Guard kills aphids, spider mites, scale, whitefly and more. Ideal for use on ...

  • Neem Oil

    Organic Neem Oil

    A broad spectrum insecticide, miticide and fungicide, Monterey 70% Neem Oil controls numerous diseases as well as insects and mites. ...

  • Garden Spray


    Ideal for use on a wide variety of insects, mites, scale and certain fungal diseases.

  • Plant Doctor

    Plant Doctor

    An earth-friendly systemic for use on turf, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers …

  • Poison-Free Insect Magnet 1

    Poison-Free Insect Magnet

    The Poison-Free Insect Magnet from Victor uses a patented pheromone attractant to lure roaches, spiders, ants, scorpions, centipedes, crickets and ...

  • Predatory Mites (Spidex) 1

    Predatory Mites

    An effective biological control for use against the two spotted spider mite.

  • Safer Insecticidal Soap 1

    Safer Insecticidal Soap

    Safer Brand Insecticidal Soap is made from naturally occurring plant oils and animal fats. Penetrates the protective outer shell of ...

  • Serenade Disease Control

    Serenade Garden

    Provides protection against many of the most common fungal and bacterial …

  • Mite Spray

    SNS 217 Spider Mite Spray

    Made from 100% pure food grade materials! SNS 217 All-Natural Mite Spray works by providing a natural barrier which is ...

  • SNS 244 Natural Fungicide

    SNS 244 Fungicide

    Made from 100% pure food grade materials, SNS 244 Fungicide works by killing fungal spores through a biochemical interaction. Some ...

  • Spider Mite Spray

    Spider Mite Knockout

    An insecticidal plant spray for tomatoes and vegetables! Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout contains a high concentration of the naturally-occurring ...

  • Take Down Garden Spray

    Take Down Garden Spray

    Combines the fast knockdown of pyrethrin and the residual activity of canola oil. A natural alternative to Dursban, Monterey Take ...

  • Thrips Predator (Thripex) 1

    Thrips Predator

    This very small, tan colored predatory mite moves quickly to capture its prey, which is the egg and larval stages ...

  • Yellow Sticky Traps 1

    Yellow Sticky Traps

    Use to attract and capture whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnats, flea beetles and more.

  • Zero Tolerance Fungicide 1

    Zero Tolerance Fungicide

    Kills existing plant diseases fast and prevents new fungal problems from starting.

    $16.95 $15.00
  • Zero Tolerance Pesticide 1

    Zero Tolerance Pesticide

    Made from pure food grade ingredients that smell great (no chemical odors).

    $16.95 $15.00
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