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Growing Supplies

It's the little things — hoses, sprayers, thermometers, measuring cups, electrical connectors and extension cords — that make a big difference in your grow room. We've got the growing supplies you're looking for… and more!

  • Electric Atomizer Sprayer

    Atomist Sprayer

    The perfect fogger for any sized job, its fine mist will penetrate pest hiding spots …

    $279.95 $224.95
  • Extension Cord

    Extension Cord (120v & 240v)

    Available in 120v and 240v, our Heavy-Duty Extension Cord includes a molded …

  • Home & Garden Sprayer


    Now it’s easier than ever to protect your lawn and landscaped areas while …

  • Gardening Indoors Book

    Gardening Indoors

    The 5th Edition of Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics sets the standard.

  • Graduated Cylinders 1

    Graduated Cylinders

    Specifically designed for the accurate measuring and pouring of liquids.

  • Hand Magnifier (100x) 1

    Hand Magnifier (100x)

    Impressive 100x zoom power helps identify insect pests and plant diseases.

  • Hand-Held Microscope (60-100x) 1

    Hand Microscope (60-100x)

    Adjusts from 60 to 100x and provides an illuminated, distortion-free image …

  • Horti Trellis


    Use vertically for climbing vines or horizontally with hydroponic setups.

  • Aviator Clip On Glasses

    HPS Clip-On (Aviator)

    Made for larger frames, the Aviator HPS Clip-On packs huge features into a simple …

  • HPS Clip-On Lens

    HPS Clip-On (Classic)

    Slip these clip-on frames over your prescription lenses, and you’ll swear you’re outdoors.

  • Hydrofarm Pint Glass 1

    Hydrofarm Pint Glass

    Perfect for all kinds of uses! Hydrofarm’s Pint Glass includes easy-to-read …

    $15.95 $9.95
  • Green Lantern Cap Light 1

    LED Cap Light

    Ideal for viewing indoor garden plants “lights out” without disturbing the …

  • LED Flashlight

    LED Flashlight

    Includes 9 green LED bulbs that will NOT disturb the plant’s growth cycle.

  • LED Headlamp

    LED Headlamp

    Allows hands-free gardening and easily adjusts with its elastic band and tilting …

  • LED Work Light

    LED Work Light

    Check your garden without interrupting the photoperiod cycle with Green LED …

  • Magnifier Loupe (30x) 1

    Magnifier Loupe (30x)

    Provides a sharp, clear, magnified image without distortion and features a …

  • Measure Mug 1

    Measure Mug

    This Liquid Measuring Cup makes it easy to handle and pour — NO drips!

    $14.95 $11.50
  • Measuring Cup

    Measuring Cups

    Includes a reinforced handle and no-drip funnel spout so you can pour with …

  • Garden Syringe (100cc)

    Measuring Syringe

    Quick, easy and accurate! No more pouring liquids into a measuring spoon or cup.

    $6.50 $4.95
  • Hand Sprayer (1/2 Gallon)

    Mist N’ Spray

    Features a wide mouth for easy filling/ cleaning and a convenient thumb lever …

    $24.95 $20.50
  • NeverKink Heavy Duty Garden Hose

    NeverKink Heavy Duty

    Built for daily use, NeverKink is unsurpassed in flexibility, strength and tangle …

    $22.95 $18.95
  • Commercial Water Hose

    Neverkink Pro

    Superior design and construction for the most rigorous professional demands.

    $39.95 $35.50
  • Nutrient Hand Pump (30 mL) 1

    Nutrient Pump

    This easy-to-use hand pump delivers exactly 30 mL with each complete …

  • Operator HPS Plus

    Operator HPS Plus

    Get exquisite color correction from the blown-out light that your plants love!

  • Operator MH Plus Sunglasses

    Operator MH Plus

    Metal halides put out some serious power… and serious UV that can cause damage …

  • Orbital 360˚ Sprayer

    Orbital 360˚

    Works upside down to get the undersides of leaves where insects hide.

    $5.50 $3.95
  • Method Seven HPS Resistance

    Resistance HPS

    The world's ultimate optical tool for indoor growers using HPS lights.

  • Mini-Measure Shot Glass 1

    Shot Glass

    The Original Mini-Measure is perfect for home, lawn, garden or kitchen use …

  • Solo Hand Sprayer 1

    Solo Directional

    Ideal for the undersides of leaves where insect pests hide! Telescoping wand is …

    $27.95 $26.95
  • SOS (Sap Off Soap)

    SOS (Sap Off Soap)

    Powerful formula makes it easy to clean up after working with sticky plants.

    $9.95 $8.95
  • Lite Tite Tarp Zip-UP 1

    Tarp Zip-UP

    Peel and stick zipper system — keeps light and dust out and instantly creates …

  • Large Dial Thermometer 1

    Temperature/ Humidity Gauge

    Makes it easy to read from a distance and provides precise information about …

  • Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer 1


    Records high and low points and includes a 3 meter waterproof remote …

  • Tower of Power 1

    Tower of Power

    Offers 6 outlets with enough room to accommodate even the bulkiest timers …

  • Universal X Plug

    Universal Plug

    Run your ballast at 120/ 240v without having to change out your power cord.

    $6.95 $5.95
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