CO2 Systems

Plants use the carbon dioxide (CO2) that occurs naturally in our atmosphere, along with sunlight, to make the energy it takes for growth. Plants will exhaust the level of atmospheric CO2 — 300 parts per million (ppm) — as they grow in enclosed spaces (when CO2 levels fall to 200 ppm, plant growth ceases). Increasing the level of carbon dioxide in your grow room can increase growth and flowering — up to 30% and more — if all other factors — water, light, nutrients — are optimum. Read More

Over years of testing, it's been found that the best levels of CO2 for plant growth are around 1500 ppm. Make sure your plants never exhaust their supply of carbon dioxide and grow fast and strong under optimum levels with these easy to use CO2 systems. All the necessary implements — controllers, regulators, converters, piping and monitors — are here, too.

  • CO2 Bag

    ExHale CO2 Bags

    ExHale Homegrown CO2 Bags provide a continuous supply of carbon dioxide with no need to refill bottles or use expensive ...

    $27.95 $24.95
  • Analog CO2 Controller

    Analog CO2 Controller

    Monitor and control CO2 levels with this simple and affordable analog device.

    $308.95 $277.95
  • C.A.P

    C.A.P. CO2 Generator (GEN-1)

    Operates up to 100° F cooler than other brands! The C.A.P. GEN-1 CO2 Generator is constructed with a powder coated ...

    $404.95 $317.00
  • C.A.P

    C.A.P. CO2 Generator (GEN-2)

    Provides years of trouble-free operation! C.A.P. CO2 generators are constructed with powder coated steel enclosures that resist moisture, rust and ...

    $569.50 $446.95
  • CO2 & Atmospheric Controller (AIR-3) 1

    CO2 & Atmospheric Controller (AIR-3)

    The C.A.P. AIR-3 expands our line of atmospheric controllers by providing the ability to coordinate supplemental CO2 with your ventilation ...

    $224.95 $177.95
  • CO2 & Environmental Controller (CO2-2e) 1

    CO2 & Environmental Controller (CO2-2e)

    The C.A.P. CO2-2e has two timers that are used to add just the right amount of CO2 without the wasteful ...

    $294.95 $233.95
  • CO2 & Environmental Controller (CO2-4e) 1

    CO2 & Environmental Controller (CO2-4e)

    The C.A.P. CO2-4e will control the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels within your growing area. It has 4 sequence timers ...

    $349.95 $277.95
  • CO2 & Temperature Controller (AIR-3DN) 1

    CO2 & Temperature Controller (AIR-3DN)

    The C.A.P. AIR-3DN provides the ability to coordinate supplemental CO2 with your ventilation equipment. It features separated day and night temperature ...

    $234.95 $186.95
  • CO2 Controller

    CO2 Controller w/ Fuzzy Logic

    This controller automatically keeps CO2 PPM amounts perfectly balanced …

    $534.95 $481.50
  • CO2 Expansion Regulator (CO2-EXP) 1

    CO2 Expansion Regulator (CO2-EXP)

    Sentinel's CO2 Expansion Regulator works with their CO2-REG. When used together, more than 1 tank can be coupled together to ...

  • CO2 Monitor (PPM-1c) 1

    CO2 Monitor (PPM-1c)

    The C.A.P. PPM-1c is an extremely accurate CO2 Monitor. It measures the exact level of CO2 in your growing area ...

    $479.95 $394.95
  • CO2 Monitor & Controller (PPM-3) 1

    CO2 Monitor & Controller (PPM-3)

    The C.A.P. PPM-3 is the easiest and most affordable CO2 controller available today... Its' proven technology is very accurate at ...

    $479.95 $395.00
  • CO2 Monitor & Controller (PPM-4) 1

    CO2 Monitor & Controller (PPM-4)

    Simple and affordable! The C.A.P. PPM-4 makes it easy for indoor gardeners to monitor and control CO2 dispersal throughout a ...

    $274.95 $219.50
  • CO2 PPM Controller (CPPM-4) 1

    CO2 PPM Controller (CPPM-4)

    Are you "guessing" what CO2 level you really have? The CPPM-4 CO2 Controller from Sentinel eliminates guesswork while it controls ...

  • CO2 Regulator (CO2-REG) 1

    CO2 Regulator (CO2-REG)

    Compressed CO2 comes in pressurized tanks or cylinders. The gas pressure must be reduced and controlled in order to accurately ...

  • CO2 Regulator (REG-1) 1

    CO2 Regulator (REG-1)

    Custom Automated Products offers a full range of equipment for the growing enthusiasts. The REG-1 CO2 Regulator combines a precision ...

    $144.95 $118.95
  • CO2 System w/ Timer

    CO2 System w/ Timer

    Features a programmable timer that automatically maintains ideal CO2 levels …

  • CO2 Test Kit

    CO2 Test Kit

    We recommend measuring CO2 levels periodically to ensure optimum levels of growth. This CO2 Test Kit by ActiveAir is an ...

  • CO2 Tubing 1

    CO2 Tubing

    Disperse CO2 evenly throughout your greenhouse or indoor garden with drilled CO2 Tubing (20 feet long) by ActiveAir. Grower's Tip: Through years ...

  • CO2 Monitor

    Desktop CO2 Monitor

    Independent CO2, temp, RH readings are displayed on a high-res LDC screen.

    $144.95 $130.50
  • Dual Tank CO2 Regulator (REG-2) 1

    Dual Tank CO2 Regulator (REG-2)

    CAP's dual-tank CO2 Regulator assembly combines a precision regulator/ flow gauge and an industrial solenoid valve. The REG-2 also comes with ...

    $239.95 $193.50
  • Environmental Controller (CHHC-4) 1

    Environmental Controller (CHHC-4)

    Welcome to the future... Controlling temperature, humidity and CO2 PPM levels has never been easier. The Sentinel Day/ Night Environmental ...

  • Environmental Controller

    Environmental Controller (DEC)

    Combine CO2, temperature and humidity control with digital precision in ONE …

    $229.95 $206.95
  • Environmental Controller (EVC-1) 1

    Environmental Controller (EVC-1)

    Temperature... Humidity & CO2. What do they have in common? They're all environmental conditions inside a growing area that need ...

    $180.00 $132.00
  • Fuzzy Logic CO2 Controller (PPM-2a) 1

    Fuzzy Logic CO2 Controller (PPM-2a)

    Growers who need the absolute best CO2 controller available today, use the PPM-2a from Custom Automated Products (C.A.P.). What sets ...

    $599.95 $473.00
  • HydroGEN PRO CO2 Generator 1

    HydroGEN PRO CO2 Generator

    Stimulate rapid plant growth without the heat! Hydro Innovation's HydroGEN PRO Water Cooled CO2 Generator uses a water to air ...

  • iPonic 600 Environmental Controller

    iPonic 600

    Allows you to monitor and control your grow room — via smart phone, computer …

    $1,399.00 $1,054.95
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit 1

    Natural Gas Conversion Kit

    C.A.P's NGC-1 Natural Gas Conversion Kit allows you to change a liquid propane burner to a natural gas burner. The ...

    $41.95 $38.50
  • Propane Conversion Kit

    Propane Conversion Kit

    Change a natural gas burner to a liquid propane burner with C.A.P's LPC-1 Propane Conversion Kit. The LPC-1 comes with ...

    $41.95 $38.50
  • Propane Cross-Over Valve

    Propane Cross-Over Valve

    Custom Automated Products (C.A.P.) Propane Cross-Over Valve (LXO-1) allows you to connect a propane CO2 generator to two tanks so ...

    $81.95 $68.95
  • Temperature-Humidity & CO2 Controller 1

    Temperature-Humidity & CO2 Controller

    The C.A.P. AIR-4 Climate Controller has all the features of the AIR-3 with the addition of independent temperature and humidity ...

    $249.95 $199.95
  • Universal CO2 Monitor 1

    Universal CO2 Monitor

    NEW from Hydro Innovations, this high quality yet affordable Universal CO2 Monitor features a maintenance-free SenseAir brand gas detector -- ...

  • Variable CO2 Generator (VCG-27) 1

    Variable CO2 Generator (VCG-27)

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is critical for all plants. Normal atmospheric air around the world averages about 380 Parts-Per-Million (PPM.) When ...

  • Variable CO2 Generator (VCG-6) 1

    Variable CO2 Generator (VCG-6)

    The Sentinel VCG-6 CO2 Generator has two models, the LP (propane) and an NG (natural gas) model. Both come complete ...

  • Xtreme Greenhouse Controller (XGC-1e) 1

    Xtreme Greenhouse Controller (XGC-1e)

    The best all-in-one controller ever made! CAP's Xtreme Greenhouse Controller operates all of the main devices required in today's modern ...

    $869.95 $694.00
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