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Light smart! Grow Light Reflectors can increase the efficiency of your plant lighting by up to 70%! Our selection makes it certain you’ll find just the right style for your needs, whether for diffused or focused light, no matter the size of your bulbs. We even feature a selection of self-cooling reflectors. Make one part of your customized package and save 10%!

Build Your Own Grow Light & SAVE!

  • XtraSun Special

    XtraSun Special – Free Shipping

    Get more sun for your dough with our XtraSun Special Combo Kit. This exclusive offer includes an XtraSun Digital Ballast ...

    $309.95 $230.50
  • Vertical Reflector

    45-inch Vertical Reflector

    Preferred by some growers, the Hydrofarm 45" Vertical Reflector distributes a wider, more diffuse pattern of light. Super lightweight, it ...

  • Adjust-A-Wings 1


    The "reflector of choice" for many of the world's top growers! Sun System Adjust-A-Wings may be shaped to a wide ...

    $148.50 $113.95
  • Cool Tube Reflector

    Cool Tube

    Features a unique streamlined design that allows airflow to move unimpeded …

    $112.95 $94.50
  • Daystar Reflector


    Cool running, compact and lightweight for the ultimate growing experience.

  • Daystar AC Reflector

    Daystar AC Reflector

    Deliver the brightest, most uniform light with the Daystar AC Grow Light Reflector by Hydrofarm. Features 6-inch flanges for straight ...

  • Epic 8 Reflector

    Epic 8

    Epic, indeed. The 8″ built-in flanges and double-gasketed lens system give …

    $322.95 $274.50
  • Magnum XXXL 6 AC Reflector

    Magnum XXXL 6 AC Reflector

    Often imitated -- never duplicated! Sun System's Magnum 6 Reflector is recognized nationwide as one of the finest plant growth ...

  • Magnum XXXL 8 AC Reflector

    Magnum XXXL 8

    Bigger is better! Recognized throughout the country as one of the finest …

    $257.95 $219.95
  • Pro Light Reflector 1

    Pro Light Reflector

    Designed to deliver the brightest light at a budget price. Hydrofarm's Pro Light Reflector is super lightweight and weighs only ...

  • Radiant Reflector


    Incorporates more performance and design features than any other light …

  • Radiant 6 Reflector

    Radiant 6 AC Reflector

    The ultimate in growing performance! Hydrofarm's Radiant 6 Reflector is a "super-sized" air cooled lensed fixture with built-in 6" flanges ...

  • Radiant 8 Reflector

    Radiant 8 AC Reflector

    Bigger, brighter & cooler! Hydrofarm's Radiant 8 Reflector is a "super-sized" air cooled lensed lighting system with built-in 8-inch flanges ...

  • Raptor Reflector

    Raptor Reflector

    The largest wingspan on the market! The NEW Raptor Reflector by Hydrofarm was exclusively designed and engineered to offer a ...

  • Vertizontal Reflector


    Features a large parabolic shape that covers a wide swath from low mounting …

    $157.95 $110.50
  • Wing Reflector

    Wing Reflector

    Hydrofarm's XtraSun Wing Reflector offers good performance at a budget price. Includes a built in socket and cord set. Unique Features: • ...

  • XtraSun Reflector


    A super value! Offering excellent performance at a budget price, the XtraSun …

  • XtraSun 6 AC Reflector

    XtraSun 6 AC Reflector

    The Hydrofarm XtraSun 6-inch Air Coolable Reflector offers very good performance at a cost effective price. Solidly built, it's compatible ...

  • XtraSun 8 Air Cooled Reflector

    XtraSun 8 Air Cooled Reflector

    The Hydrofarm XtraSun 8-inch AC Reflector offers excellent performance at a cost effective price. Solidly built, compatible with all Hydrofarm ...

  • Parabolic Reflector

    XtraSun Parabolic Reflector

    Distribute a wide, even light over a large growing area with Hydrofarm's NEW 42-inch Parabolic Reflector. While this hood does ...

    $88.95 $68.50