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Give your indoor garden just the right amount of “sun” with an HID lighting controller from our large selection. Whether you need a simple timer to run your orchid setup or a multi-featured, multi-light power box for a bank of grow lamps, you’ll find it here.

  • Light Timer

    Light Timer

    Plugs directly into a wall outlet and automatically turns your equipment on and off!

    $14.95 $11.95
  • Master Digital Timer

    Master Digital Timer (MDT)

    Automate lighting and recycling operations with this precise digital clock.

    $189.95 $171.95
  • 16-Light Master Controller

    16 Light (MLC-16)

    The best device for managing up to 16 lights from one time-clock or controller.

    $579.95 $521.95
  • 24-Light Master Controller

    24 Light (MLC-24)

    Operate up to twenty four 1000W HID lamps from one 240v power source.

    $689.95 $621.95
  • 4 Light Controller

    4 HID Lighting Controller

    Includes four outlets for running ballasts – no need to change power cords!

    $124.95 $112.95
  • 4-Light Master Controller

    4 Light (MLC-4)

    The MLC-4 is built to operate up to four HID lights from one time-clock.

    $124.95 $112.95
  • Digital Light Timer

    7 Day (Digital)

    Plugs directly into wall outlet and features up to eight on/off settings per day.

    $17.95 $14.95
  • HID Light Controller

    8 HID Lighting Controller

    Operate up to eight 1000W ballasts – 8000W max – from one time clock or device.

    $209.95 $189.95
  • 8-Light Master Controller

    8 Light (MLC-8)

    One of the best devices for firing up to eight 1000 watt HID systems.

    $209.95 $189.95
  • 12 Light HID Controller

    Commercial, 12 Lights

    From one central location, a timer or other device can sync all of your ballasts.

    $439.95 $399.95
  • Commercial 8 Light Controller

    Commercial, 8 Lights

    Includes 8 plug-ins that can get juice to multiple light setups at once — safely.

    $324.95 $294.95
  • PowerBox DPC-12000


    Use to run up to ten 1,000 watt ballasts, plus 120-volt accessories — safely!

    $769.00 $659.95
  • PowerBox DPC-12000D


    Dual trigger cord is capable of running up to twelve 1,000 watt ballasts at 240-volts.

    $799.00 $659.95
  • PowerBox DPC-12000TD


    Powers ten 1,000w ballasts and features a user-adjustable time delay function.

    $869.00 $749.95
  • PowerBox DPC-15000


    Our top-selling model! Use to run up to ten 1,000w ballasts, plus 120v accessories.

    $789.00 $689.95
  • PowerBox DPC-15000TD


    The #1 controller for top growers! Powers ten 1,000W lights with hot start delay.

    $889.00 $794.95
  • PowerBox DPC-7500


    Connects to a 4-wire 240V service, but provides six 120V outlets (10 amps each).

    $379.00 $299.95
  • PowerBox DPC-7500 240V

    DPC-7500 240V

    Connects to 240V main power and provides 240V power through six outlets.

    $339.00 $284.95
  • PowerBox DPC-7500 Combo

    DPC-7500 Combo

    Connects to 240V power and includes four 240V outlets and two 120V outlets.

    $369.00 $284.95
  • Dual Outlet Timer

    Dual Outlet (Analog)

    Use to automate your indoor equipment — controls two outlets simultaneously!

    $12.95 $10.95
  • Dual Digital Timer

    Dual Outlet (Digital)

    Features up to eight on/offs per day with individual day or multi-day settings.

    $18.95 $14.95
  • Powerbox FlipBox


    Now you can operate two lamps with one ballast and double your production.

    $149.00 $129.95
  • High Temperature Shutdown

    High Temp Shutdown (HLC)

    Use to automatically shut fixtures off and protect your crop from overheating.

    $89.95 $81.95
  • Heavy Duty 240v Timer

    Intermatic (240V)

    Use on ALL heavy-duty 240V appliances, AC units, lamps and fixtures.

    $25.95 $22.95
  • FlipBox LSM-12

    LSM-12 Flip Box

    Allows you to run twelve HID lamps from six remote 120V/240V ballasts.

    $749.00 $569.95
  • FlipBox LSM-20

    LSM-20 Flip Box

    Use the LSM-20 Flipbox to run twenty HID lamps from ten remote ballasts.

    $1,149.00 $869.95
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