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Discounted Kits

A complete grow light system is just a click away! These indoor kits are ready to go and easy to install. Simply choose the style and wattage you desire and get ready to grow great indoor gardens… year round!

Purchase a complete package and save! Our popular High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights have been discounted for instant savings

Don’t see the setup you want? Give us a call and we’ll work something out!

  • Old School Special (1000W HPS) 1

    Old School Special

    Combines two tried and true staples of the indoor gardening market.

    $339.95 $227.95
  • Best Grow Light Kit

    Sparky’s Choice

    You asked for our favorite kit… well, here it is! Quiet, cool and ultra-efficient.

    $444.95 $329.95
  • Nanolux DE System

    Nanolux (240v)

    These high-performance beauties offer dimmable settings and wireless control.

    $508.95 $399.95
  • XtraSun Special

    Budget Bundle

    Get more sun for your money with our discounted digital deal.

    $277.95 $235.95
  • Compact Fluorescent Grow Light

    CFL System

    Low profile design provides more concentrated light than standard shop tubes.

    $109.95 $89.95
  • CMH Light Fixture (315W)

    CMH Fixture (315W)

    Ceramic metal halides (CMH) offer a very broad spectrum that's similar to the sun.

    $359.95 $322.50
  • CMH Light Fixture (630W)

    CMH Fixture (630W)

    Optically designed to give a balanced footprint — perfect for larger grows!

    $574.95 $464.95
  • e-Papillon Grow Light

    ePapillon (220V-240V)

    The most powerful, sophisticated system in a compact package.

    $619.95 $549.95
  • High Pressure Sodium HPS Grow Light

    Flower Power (HPS)

    The best choice for producing larger, better blooms and monster yields.

    $474.95 $354.95
  • 600W HPS Grow Light


    Developed for commercial growers — this is plant lighting on steroids!

    $809.95 $591.95
  • Hydrofarm Light Special (Ballast & Bulb)

    HPS Special

    Pssst! Tell your friends that you got this WICKED GOOD deal at Planet Natural.

    $369.95 $254.95
  • 400W Grow Light Kits

    Lil’ Sprout (400W)

    Ideal for smaller indoor gardens (up to 4 ft. x 4 ft.) and plant propagation.

    $362.95 $289.95
  • 600W Grow Light Kits

    Lumin-ator (600W)

    Simply put, you get more “sun” for your money with this 600 watt discounted bundle.

    $559.95 $389.95
  • 250W Grow Lights

    Mighty Mite (250W)

    This compact, 250 watt setup is proof that good things do come in small packages.

    $314.95 $234.95
  • Nanolux Double Ended Light

    Nanolux (277v)

    If you've upgraded your setup to 277v, this 1000w HPS system is for you.

    $508.95 $399.95
  • Plant Grow Light Kit

    Penny Pincher (1000W)

    Our 1000 watt econo-package is a great value at under $200 bucks!

    $244.95 $179.95
  • Double Ended Light System

    Phantom (240v)

    What’s not to like? Longer bulb life, improved PAR values and more lumens.

    $549.95 $479.95
  • Double Ended Grow Light (277V)

    Phantom (277v)

    This new-school equipment uses state-of-the-art technology for max output.

    $569.95 $497.95
  • HydroFarm Pro Grow Light

    Pro Package

    Designed to deliver the brightest light at a budget price. Super lightweight!

    $342.95 $233.95
  • Vertical Grow Light Kit

    Steady Eddie

    Distributes an extremely wide and even pattern of light over your indoor crop.

    $398.95 $277.95
  • 1000W HID Grow Light

    SUPER-Sizer (1000W)

    Looking for a 1000w package deal that’s gonna knock your yields outta’ the park?

    $526.95 $359.95
  • Cool Tube Grow Light

    Totally Tubular

    Streamlined design allows cooling airflow to move unimpeded over the bulb.

    $478.95 $354.95
  • Metal Halide MH Grow Light

    Veg-A-Matic (MH)

    Metal halides are used for healthy growth and keeping plants compact.

    $449.95 $336.95
  • XtraSun Grow Light Kit

    XtraSun System

    Whether you want to grow vegetables, flowers, or even a banana tree, you can do it!

    $381.95 $274.95