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Growing Indoors

Now you can enjoy growing indoors all year long! Imagine harvesting your own basil and tomatoes in the dead of winter, or taking delight in lush, exotic flowering houseplants throughout the year.

At Planet Natural, we've carefully selected only the best indoor gardening supplies — from lighting and hydroponic systems to natural supplements and growing mediums — to make your indoor growing experiences blossom. Whether you're a casual orchid lover or a serious farmers market supplier of year-round fresh greens and herbs, we have the right equipment for your needs.

  • Grow Lights

    Grow Lights

    Bring the green-giving magic of the sun indoors with grow lights! Our wide selection ...

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  • Grow Rooms

    Grow Rooms

    Indoor grow rooms let's you garden year-round, regardless of the season. Growing indoors, whether in a cabinet, ...

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  • Hydroponics


    If you’re growing indoors, hydroponics is the ticket to impressive growth and yields. This 21st century approach ...

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  • Plant Propagation

    Plant Propagation

    Whether you are taking simple houseplant cuttings or cloning large numbers of a popular ...

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  • Plant Nutrients

    Plant Nutrients

    Indoor growers know that plant nutrients are crucial to their success. Plain-old soil ...

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  • Growing Media

    Growing Media

    Hydroponic growing typically produces larger plants faster than soil, but is more ...

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  • pH, EC & TDS

    pH, EC & TDS

    Testing your hydroponic solution's acid-alkaline (pH) balance, its electro ...

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  • Orchid Care

    Orchid Care

    There's nothing simple about caring for orchids. Their ideal environment requires very ...

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