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  • Using old tires for raised beds.

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    I've done it before, and have even grown up to a 30 pound squash in a car tire, but now I'm going to do some growing in some tractor tires and heavy equipment tires,,,,wish me some luck! :)

    I put in a bunch of Irises in some car tires this fall, some were from dividing them of the ones I had planted in car tires a few years ago that had grow vigorously in them, and some were from dividing the ones at my moms, I got given some that I put in the regular flower beds in the front yard too. :)

    Last spring I made a raised bed in the front yard out of old railroad ties, it has a Japanese Tree Lilac in the center, and I have been adding flowers around it, including of course some of the Irises and volunteer sunflowers from my bird-feeder. I put down stone mulch to keep pets from digging in the soft soil, and conserve moisture.

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