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    This may seem like a silly question, but I'm new to this forum and want to know how I can add a picture under my username?

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    O man, this one took me forever to figure out to. Basically you just find whatever picture you want to use and save it to your desktop (I think thats the easiest) and then when your on the sign up page for the forum it will have a "browse" button next to the picture example it gives. Click that and it will open up a window that you can choose files from. Then just pick the picture file, open it and that should do it!

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    OG, there's really two ways to add an avatar (or profile picture) with your username.

    First, you will have to download an avatar and save it to your computer. There are several sites online that have them for free – http://www.hotavatars.com/, http://www.avatarist.com and http://www.avatarity.com to name a few.

    Second, you can use any picture stored on your computer that you want. While this is slightly trickier, it's still pretty manageable. Once you find a picture you like, you'll need to resize it – and maybe crop it – using some kind of photo editing tool (I use Adobe Photoshop). Reduce the image to 72 dpi and about 128 x 128 pixels and your all set.

    Keep in mind, that when using your own picture that most of the background should probably be cropped out. If not, the subject of your picture will appear pretty small once it's been reduced.

    Now that you have your picture, the next step is really pretty easy. Just go to your profile settings and click on browse to select your avatar. Click on "Save Settings" and Voila! You have an avatar.

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    Right on! That was actually pretty easy to do and it looks like the avatar is automatically added to my earlier post. That's pretty slick…

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