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  • planting trees in a dry, windy area

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    On my property is pour gravley soil, infact it is so gravley that it is to the point that it drains to fast, in the rare instance that we get an inch or more of rain the soil will be bone dry on the surface agin often in two to three hours. We have much of the year with twenty mile an hour or more wind and not many days brake, if any, frome it. How can organics work a miricale for me and my property? I have had no luck getting any thing but the tuffest of the potted trees, and bushes to even try to grow here.

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    Since I last posted I found a book at the library called Rain Water Harvesting For Drylands. This book has given me new hope in growing trees on my property. The book tells things like how to use rocks to slow down runoff so it will soak in the ground, also has information on what you need to do to colect rain water from your roof (for household use).
    Also I fixed my old bagging mower, so now I can colect clippings to multch around my trees and bushes. I know I never wanted to bagg clipings agin, the clippings feed the grass and keep weeds from germinating, but they also conserve moisture for trees.

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