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  • How to transplant a rose bush

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    I have the chance to dig up a 6' rose bush and plant in my yard. what is the best way to do this and once done, what's the best method to ensure the rose bush stays healthy in its new home? thanks

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    First thing you need to think of is to plant the rose bush in good soil, and provide a location with good sun light, and ample air circulation.
    Secondly the right soil mix is important.
    mix one-third good quality commercial potting soil, one-third hearty garden compost and one-third composted mushroom or steer manure. It is beneficial to the rose to add one cup of bonemeal to the soil. I also suggest adding 1 cup of fishmeal, and a cup bloodmeal. This soil combination, will assure you roses that will produce many hearty blooms over the growing season.

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