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  • Pruning roses

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    Tiger Lily

    I have recently been reading up on pruning my roses and noticed that it is a good idea to seal where I make my cuts. This is to help prevent disease and cane borer problems, but how and what is the best way to seal them?

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    TL, Most healthy roses will seal their own wounds within a half hour. However, if you have a borer problem you can seal them with a pruning paste (available at many garden stores). I have also used Elmer's glue, which works very well and dries clear.

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    Pruning rose bushes is intimidating to many gardeners, but actually very good for the plants. Becoming an accomplished rose pruner takes time and practice, but keep in mind that it is very hard to kill a rose with bad pruning. While there is a great deal of disagreement among rose experts regarding how and when to prune roses, it is generally agreed that most mistakes will grow out very quickly and it is better to make a good effort at pruning roses than to let them grow rampant.

    Instructions on how to prune the rose bushes: http://www.ehow.com/way_5171798_instructions-pruning-rose-bushes.html

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