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  • organic orchid care

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    I was wondering what kind of organic fertilizer is recommended for feeding orchids. Most books on orchid care say to use a chemical fertilizer, and only to use organics "sparingly". Does anyone have experience growing orchids organically?

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    Tiger Lily

    My aunt grows Orchids and she at one point was also looking for more natural alternative for a fertilizer. I suggested she try Orchid-Pro Liquid Planet food. I have yet to hear about the results.

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    I use worm tea from my compost bin on my orchids. You can buy worm tea if you don't have a worm compost bin.

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    Hi BShea,
    organic orchid food derived from soybean, alfalfa, and rock phosphate:


    directions recommend 1 tablespoon per gallon; you will be okay with 1 tsp per gallon at every watering. (weakly weekly.)

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