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  • just let nature take its course

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    produce guy

    i helped a freind make a compost pile last year in january,its about 10ft.long x6ft.wide and about4ft.high,we added about 35 bags of leaves and 20-50 lbs. of coffee grounds,bone and blood meal,cow and horse manure and water,turned it about every5-8 days added a little more grass clippings and magic he has perfect dark brown-to-black compost.He wanted to buy some fancy tumbler,but I told him it was a waste of money and for alot less$$$$,I could build him abetter one.Free chicken wire and some free hard black plastic pallet liners I got from a grocery store(for free).a nice sunny/shade spot and some worms and a little over a year later perfect compost,plus a science project for his kids and their school.

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