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  • green beans

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    Most of my green beans are not filling out with seeds and the pods are soft. I did not apply any high nitrogen fertilzer.
    This is the 2nd year this has happened.
    I had a huge infestation of blister beatles on near-by tomatos so I sprayed both with seven concentrate.
    Is it a bacteria, virus or the seven concentrate?

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    I'm not an expert on peas, but how I understand it they are not nitrogen intensive. They have the ability to fix nitrogen and store it in their roots. So nitrogen likely is not your problem.

    The Sevin Concentrate you used contains toxic carbaryl as the active ingredient. I would recommend using a neem or pyrethrin based product next time. They are both extremely effective plant extracts that degrade quickly.

    I think it's just the peas you're growing. Be patient, the peas should form and the pod will enlarge.

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