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  • Does Corn Gluten Meal Work?

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    I'm interested in using Corn Gluten Meal on my lawn this year and wanted to know if anybody had any experience with it. How does it work?

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    Corn gluten meal is a natural pre-emergent weed control. It prevents roots from growing during seed germination so the seedling never develops. It does nothing for existing weeds and is not specific to weed seeds (it works on all seed, even grass). Spread corn gluten early in the spring, about the time crocus show up, then a second time around mid-August. Use twenty pounds per 1,000 square feet of lawn.

    Corn gluten also has a nice amount of nitrogen, so your lawn grows green. I've been using it for several years now and I get lots of compliments on my lawn.

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    Does it work on the weeds in flower bed? If you put it on the mulch does it dissolve in and prevent the weeds from growing????

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    Tiger Lily

    It can be used safely around established perennial plants. It can also be used after transplants have been planted, but make sure they have been in the soil long enough to have "taken hold." For seedlings, make sure they are up and growing well before applying to flower or vegetable gardens where seeds were sown directly into the soil. Corn Gluten will stop most seeds from germinating.

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