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  • Corn gluten meal

    Created by John S on
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    John S

    Hi everybody,

    I want to use corn gluten meal as an organic nitrogen fertilizer (10%) for my strawberries and vegetables. When I read about it, I always find that it also works as a herbicide. Can anyone tell me how long (weeks, months) it works as a herbicide. If I apply it at my strawberries in May and afterwords in July I sow broccoli I dont want to have any germination problems of my seed, because of the corn gluten meal.


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    I have used corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent herbacide on my lawn, it works pretty well, but you need to apply it again in a couple of weeks for it to be effective. If you work it into the soil as a nitrogen source you should be OK, but I would wait a couple of weeks for it to break down before planting anything.

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