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  • Bugs in the compost pile

    Created by produce guy on
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    produce guy

    At least 2-4 times a year I totally turn my pile,I put a piece of plastic tarp down next to it and pull off all the leaves and twigs and dig down and siff my pile thru a screener to get to the good stuff! I'm amazed to see what kind of new bug,or bugs I'll find ants,fire ants,pillbugs and a flatter version of a pillbug(same color),flat and short cockroaches and a snake or two,but last year I came across 4 of the Biggest grub worms I've ever seen.The first one was about 5 inches long a really white and curled up,the second one maybe 6 inches,and the third was about 8 inches long and about 2 fingers thick with a good size beak or jaws,but the best was the last one ,this guy or girl was over 12 inches when I straighten him out and longer than the lenght of my shovel.He also was very white but the back end,about 4 inches from his end was a greyish blue color,almost looked like he was shedding or molting new skin.he was also about 2 fingers thick.I should have taken a picture but I didn't,but i did put them all back in the pile.

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    that is very interesting i love insects and we to have a composter and whenever i turn it there is only flies no ants or grub things that crawl around what do you put in your composter

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    produce guy

    Lots of leaves in my c-pile ,2008 I put in 36 bags of leaves,blood meal,some cow pooh,water and lots of coffee grounds and egg shells.

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    I went to the local county dump and got two large trash cans of shredded material for free and put it into a pit that a old tree came out of. It has been in there for three days so far.
    How often do I turn it over?
    I also went out to the east county in San diego and got a pick up bed full of Goat and rabbit manure with a little chicken manure.
    I just dumped it in a pile and watered it in layers as I raked it out of the truck.
    I then covered it with a tarp. How often do I turn it and when can I mix it with the shredded material from the dump.
    I have a large section between my fruit trees about twenty by sixty feet.
    that is where I am going to till up and begin making it ready for my spring garden.
    I have not done any gardening other than a sporadic plant here and there so any Ideas on how to get it ready for the spring planting would be appreciated.
    I have seeds in packets saved up and some my brother gave me from his garden.
    I do also have an indoor garden where I use Hydroponic Ebb and Flow watering in soiless medium.
    In addition I have an old Jacuzzi I turned into a fish tank with a grow tray above the tank and twelve Ebb and flow buckets next to it.
    My fish are Gold Fish, Koi and Tilapia. Guess that will be the subject for a new THREAD LATER. nICE FORUM thanks for the ideas, Joe

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